Flames Rip through Home in Wayne County

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BETHANY -- A huge fire leveled a home and kept several fire departments busy for hours in Wayne County.

The fire happened right next to the Mansion at Noble Lane, a resort in Bethany, near Honesdale.

The fire happened just after 8 a.m. Friday.

When crews got there, the place was filled with flames and smoke could be seen for miles.

The home belongs to Monique Greenwood.

"That is one of the several calls you never want to get first thing in the morning and that is what I got," Greenwood said.

Greenwood owns the Mansion at Noble Lane. She says the building that burned down used to be an old carriage house. It was renovated just last year.

"That's where I lived when I was here, so I am here every weekend and I completely restored it just under a year ago and I also use, my caterers are from Philadelphia, and they use it when they are here as well."

No one was in the place when the fire broke out.

Officials believe it started in the back of the home.

Several fire departments helped battle the flames.

The Honesdale fire chief says the cold weather and lack of a direct water source caused a lot of issues.

"The biggest problem we are having now is fighting the ice conditions where our nearest water source is about a mile and a half away and it's freezing the roads up which causes a disaster for us but also the general public who travels the roads regularly," said Honesdale Fire Chief Steven Bates.

Laurie Beahan is the owner of Bethany Village, a personal care home near the mansion. She once lived in the place that burned down.

"It's just heartbreaking," said Beahan. "My husband and I lived there for 12 years up until five years ago and it's just heartbreaking. They lost everything."

A firefighter was hurt but is expected to be OK.

One Honesdale fire truck had some damage to it.

A fire marshal is expected to look for the cause of this fire.


Photo submitted through WNEP Mobile App

Photo submitted through WNEP Mobile App


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