Troopers Resume Search for Robert Baron

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OLD FORGE -- Police ramped up their search for a missing pizza shop owner as troopers are scouring the woods in Lackawanna County.

Police have concentrated their search on two areas of Old Forge. They are looking for Robert Baron who has been missing for a week.

It's been an anxious week for folks in this community.

Police and firefighters from more than a dozen different agencies were back out searching Thursday. We also know more about the evidence they have so far.

About 50 state troopers walked into the woods in Old Forge. Newswatch 16 followed as they searched slowly, side by side and in a line, for a few miles into Luzerne County.

Dogs also searched the area behind Pagnotti Park in Old Forge. It was the second time law enforcement has searched this area looking for Robert Baron.

The Old Forge business owner was reported missing one week ago. The Lackawanna County district attorney insists this is still a missing person case.

"What we're doing is looking at areas that are tied into where our investigation has been, where we've had tips and leads. As the area grows or information grows, then we'll follow those tips," explained Lackawanna County District Attorney Shane Scanlon.

A dive team also searched the banks of the Lackawanna River.

The D.A. says neither search effort turned up anything.

We have learned more about what was found inside the car Baron had been driving before his disappearance. The Hyundai Elantra is being stored at the Old Forge Police Department.

A search warrant says police found blood on the inside and outside of the car. The blood is being tested to see if it belongs to Baron. Those results could take weeks.

"I think every day we work harder, we get closer, we talk to someone, you know, we need that one person who knows something to give us a call," said Scanlon.

The district attorney says officers have also gone through hours of surveillance video sent in to them. Police have searched every day this week, and so have many people in Old Forge.

The D.A. says those searches will continue and remain focused on the Old Forge area for now.

"You also have to understand that in the initial days of this search, we were looking for a vehicle. We have located the vehicle; we're now looking for Mr. Baron. There are some places we are going to have to go back to and re-search," said Scanlon.

The D.A. says it's still too early to say whether someone has died.

"I don't think we can say that," said Scanlon. "I can tell you that law enforcement is extremely concerned for the safety and wellbeing of Mr. Baron at this point. We've been in contact with the family for their sake, for the sake of this community, we'd love to find Mr. Baron, we'd love to find him safe. We'd like to get that done."

Baron was reported missing a week ago, and earlier this week, search warrants revealed that blood and a tooth were found inside Baron's restaurant, Ghigiarelli's.

This has been an anxious week for many in Old Forge. Folks have already been up to the park, checking to see what's going on. They're hoping this latest effort brings them some closure.


  • OFforever

    Sadly there are certain people/politicians who are using this tragedy as a platform for their political gains by bad mouthing the Lackawanna County DA’s Office and the investigation. I am glad to see that the DA’s office, the Old Forge Police and the Pennsylvania State Police are working hard and together on this. They are doing it for the Baron family and have no ulterior motive. This looks like a difficult case but i am confident that ir will be resolved. Praying for the Baron family!!

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