Robert Baron: Missing for One Week

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OLD FORGE -- It was Thursday, January 26th, that was the day 58-year-old Robert Baron was reported missing by family.

Baron failed to show up at work and his car was gone. Baron owns Ghigiarelli's restaurant which is known for its pizza in Old Forge.

The next day, January 27th, flowers are left in front of Baron's restaurant, which remains closed since the day he disappeared.

Police searched the area and say they're worried Baron may be in danger, neighbors worry too.

"The best, the best neighbor you want to meet, always good to us," said Linda Tomlinson, the owner of Tomlinson Floral and Gift, "When he moved in he sent over a couple trays of pizza to greet us, and just so nice. We'd meet him in the backyard and he's just so friendly, nice conversation. We're hoping for the best."

Saturday, January 28th.

By this time, Robert Baron has been missing for three days. Baron's family offers a cash reward for information about his location.

Sunday, January 29th.

Investigators find a car Baron was driving in Old Forge. According to a search warrant, there is blood inside the car and a blood stain on the door.

Monday, January 30th.

The search continued, not only on ATV's but with helicopters. A search warrant revealed what police found inside Baron's restaurant: a tooth, broken glass, blood, cleaning materials used to clean blood, and a bloody afghan. Investigators begin to say Baron may have been the victim of some kind of assault.

Tuesday,  January 31st.

Investigators, friends and even those who don't know Robert continue to search and on Wednesday the 1st of February, police warn people to ignore rumors and speculation about what may have happened to Baron.

Thursday, February 2nd.

Police continue to scour the woods in two areas of Old Forge. State Troopers walked side by side in a line for miles. Dogs were brought in to aid with the search, as well as a dive team for the nearby Lackawanna River.

"I think every day we work harder, we get closer, we talk to someone, you know, we need that one person who knows something to give us a call," said District Attorney Scanlon. "I can tell you that law enforcement is extremely concerned for the safety and wellbeing of Mr. Baron at this point. We've been in contact with the family for their sake, for the sake of this community, we'd love to find Mr. Baron, we'd love to find him safe. We'd like to get that done."


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