Problem with Bridge-Naming Plan

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SCRANTON -- There may be a problem with one lawmaker's plan to rename a bridge in Scranton.

State Representative Kevin Haggerty from Lackawanna County wants to name the new Harrison Avenue bridge after former vice president and Scranton native Joe Biden.

However, the new bridge already has a name.

Lawmakers two years ago decided to name the bridge the Col. Frank Duffy Memorial Bridge.

Col. Duffy died in World War I.

Representative Haggerty tells Newswatch 16 he is going to push to call the bridge the Biden Duffy Bridge instead.

The bridge connecting Scranton's hill section and south side should be finished by summer.


  • I pay taxes too

    ….I have a great idea….why doesn’t Hagerty get to work on obtaining tax relief for this impoverished area; work on funding for crubling infrastructure replacement; schools inprovement initiative; um….should I go on Kevin? ?????

  • Phooey

    Biden already got a Presidential Medal of Freedom from Obama. Which many don’t think he deserved. That medal could have gone to a military service member instead.

    And before anyone who decides to say something stupid like “well thats what the Medal of Honor is for.” While the Medal of Honor is for military only. The Presidential Medal of Freedom can be given to civilians as well as military . Which can be worn on their uniforms.

    And if people want the bridge with Biden name ..then Name it Duffy Biden Bridge . Duffy name should come 1st as he was the 1st choice.

  • tomtom

    haggerty is an idiot…please go away and return to being a deadbeat dad, draft dodger, education lying scumbag…you and Cordaro…

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