New Way to Shop at Gerrity’s

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LUZERNE -- The grocery shopping process has been modernized at Gerrity's stores throughout Luzerne and Lackawanna Counties.

Now at all Gerrity's, you can shop for food with your phone and skip out on the traditional checkout process.

Last year, Gerrity's launched a pilot program with the Fetch app at their location in Luzerne. The grocery store chain was looking for an edge up on the competition. It found that the app delivered, and then some.

You now have two options when you shop at any Gerrity's grocery store.

You can walk in and shop the traditional way, putting all your items in a cart and checking out with a cashier.

Or you can try something new: shop for groceries with your phone, using the Fetch app.

The Gerrity's in Hanover Township was the second location to allow customers to fetch food through the app.

"You would think that it would be more popular with the younger generation, but we are finding a lot of the older generation are using it as well," said manager Tom Murtha.

Amy Carbone is one of the customers shopping with the Fetch app at this Gerrity's.

"We use it every time we come and we are here two or three times a week," said Carbone.

When she shops through the fetch app, she scans items as she goes through the store. It gives her a running total of the items.

"It's just very easy," said Carbone. "Whatever items you are buying, you scan them on your phone and click check out and that is it."

The app also has preloaded manufacturer's coupons that she can apply to her purchase, helping this mother of two save a little more while she shops.

"A couple dollars here and there and every bit counts."

It's a pretty quick process to download the Fetch app on any smartphone. After quick registration with your name and email, you are ready to shop by scanning items with your phone's camera.

If you get confused at all, there are people designated at every Gerrity's to walk you through the process.

"It's a rewards program where you come in and save money and you experience a faster checkout," explained Gerrity's supervisor Ann Motovidlak.

All nine Gerrity's locations have this service now.

And for anyone concerned that the app is going to replace the job of a cashier, Gerrity's says it's still keeping the traditional method of shopping. The Fetch Rewards app is just an added service.


  • jvdrock

    I’m a regular shopper at Gerrity’s and I do not like Fetch. It does not streamline the process. Instead of just grabbing an item and putting it in the cart you need to pull out your phone and scan your items. If you want produce you need to get your item, look for the card to scan somewhere near the item you picked up, then go and find one of 2 scales in the department, weigh your item and tap the item again in your cart in the fetch app. Then out of the 15 possible checkouts only 3 are capable to check you out with fetch. A couple of the regular checkouts will be clear and the 1 or maybe 2 fetch checkouts will have multiple shoppers in line. Last week I had about 8 items in my cart, I used fetch and had to stand in line at the checkout while regular checkouts were empty. I will never use that fetch crap again, it wastes too much time and is a hassle. The employees that I’ve talked to about don’t care for it much either. My time is more valuable for the few cents I save using fetch.

  • Axia

    Been using it for several months now. You accumulate points and apply them to items in your cart to get them for free as well. It is good for saving money and once you get used to using it, it does make checkout faster. The first two or three times it will take you longer, though.

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