More Corrections Officers Placed on Leave after Sexual Abuse Allegations

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The Lackawanna County Prison in Scranton

LACKAWANNA COUNTY — Three more corrections officers have been placed on paid leave amid allegations of sexual abuse at the Lackawanna County Prison.

This brings the total numbers of corrections officers put on leave since the summer to nine.

An investigation by the state attorney general’s office is looking into allegations of sexual abuse against inmates in the prison.

No names of those involved have been released.


  • Lisa

    This is obviously a learned behavior and probably goes higher up too. So we need to get rid of the old and in with the new. This behavior shouldn’t be tolerated anywhere. Shame on them.

  • Bud Smith

    Why aren’t there name’s releasd,if someone on the street are accused of serial assault Thier name’s and photos are all over the news for days, even if they are proven innocent later, the entire system in PA is so unfair and a disscrase.

  • i quit..

    I have a ?. Who is covering the work of those on leave? Temps who need to be paid or overtime or under staffed? Why no names? Any other one charged with anything gets named. DRAIN THE SWAMP.

  • Aaron

    Let’s get that angry hangup on every caller talk show host on the case. what’s his name? Korbitt ? I hear he/she knows karate and he/she claims to be good at news and some kind of journalist? Maybe he/she can get a new obsession instead of Hillary LOSING the election focus on problems at the prison.

    • WarningFakeNews

      We are no longer geographically bound to listen locally, thanks to the internet. I choose to listen where the morning and late afternoon shows aren’t nearly so obnoxious, no offense, Web.

    • Feces patrol

      Korbitt truly needs a mental health evaluation, he sounds more deranged than ever. Probably from smoking all those banana peels that he admitted to doing in his hay days.

  • WarningFakeNews

    Maybe this is just a different way to have a no-show ghost job. Put someone on paid leave, take more than 6 months to “investigate” and clear them eventually. Name not released, no charges, no problem. Is that all that far fetched in this area?

  • Ken

    Scranton politics as always coverups mismanagement of money and the people pay for all this we need a major change sen casey sen toomey are great examples of this now these two sen are causing wheels to spin in wash they are a joke politics to long we need a change get men and women with a spine and everyone will benefit AMERICAN IS THE PEOPLES

  • Common Sense

    I’ll bet the honest guards (NOT perverts) that have to go to work everyday love this….
    NINE (9) Paid Perverts……….nothing to see here folks, move a long….
    Drain The Swamp.

    • Common Sense

      Our State Government is a farce……..can’t get unemployment????
      Maybe because the State has “winter” workers and “summer” workers. Two FULL sets of workers…..and they are “Laid-Off” to collect half the year. Of course, their benefits are guaranteed.

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