Look Up and Live: A Lesson on Power Lines

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DUNMORE -- One electric company is showing first responders how to better handle dangerous scenes when power lines come down.

PPL Electric Utilities is using a new tool so first responders can better understand electrical safety to help them deal with fires and other situations where wires can be a concern.

PPL Electric Utilities hosted fire departments from Scranton and Dunmore at its service center.

"They are often first on the scene, let's say an accident where a pole is down, wires are down, house fire, things of that nature. So we want them to know about the electrical system, how it works and how to stay safe," said PPL official Joe Nixon.

The live line electrical safety exhibit is based on a normal neighborhood electrical grid, complete with live electrical wire, utility poles, and transformers.

Trained staff from PPL showed what would happen if something contacted a live wire -- from digging up an electric line or if a ladder contacted a wire during a rescue.

"Seeing examples of what actually happens and seeing the reactions of electricity was something I was not familiar with," said Scranton firefighter Christopher Lucas.

Emergency responders were able to get an up-close look at how to deal with the live line electrical safety exhibit, helping them deal with possible life-and-death situations.

"Approaching a scene, I was always cautious, but now seeing what could happen, I am much more cautious now than I was before," said Lucas.

PPL Electric Utilities wants everyone to be more aware of the dangers of live wires.

"If somebody does come up on a situation where there is a danger and it involves electricity, please call us at 1 800 DIAL-PPL and we will take care of that. Above all, stay away," said Nixon.

PPL plans to continue showing the live line electric safety exhibit to fire departments and schools across our area.


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