Governor Seeks $10 Million For Opioid Antidote

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LYCOMING COUNTY -- If there is a paramedic on board a Susquehanna Regional EMS ambulance, by law they must have access to an overdose antidote called Narcan also known as Naloxone.

"At least over the last, I would say, three or four years the cases of overdoses that we have responded to have sky rocketed," said Tony Bixby of Susquehanna Regional EMS.

If Narcan is administered in time, someone who overdoses but still has a pulse may be saved by the opioid reverse agent.

Right now, if there was an overdose in Lycoming County a paramedic would probably be the person to administer Narcan. What if police officers or other first responders had Narcan with them? There is money in governor Wolf's proposed budget for that purpose.

If Governor Wolf's budget is approved,  $10 million may be available through the Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency.

The grant money would help law enforcement and first responders buy the overdose antidote.

Almost a year ago Carolyn Miele found her 27 year old son unconscious from an overdose on heroin.

"I though I better go check on him. I should have checked on him earlier," said Miele.

If it means fewer families are affected by a fatal overdose from the drug, Carolyn is all for the governor's proposed idea. "I certainly don't want any parent to feel the way i feel on a daily basis," she commented.

Narcan may be a quick fix, but both Carolyn and emergency responders agree, addicts will need further support and treatment.





  • joemama1980

    We are always closing or shutting down this or cutting services to the elderly or disabled because of lack of funding but now we have money to keep junkies on the street stealing and getting high. Thanks Democrat d-bags for this ineffective clown.

  • magicmikexxsm

    Another big waste of money….you know all of us when we where kid come to that same “Y”in the road you can go right down the straight and narrow road making something of your life, OR you can go left down the road of crime drugs and no good…my opinion is if you are that dumb to use drugs like coke and meth and all that junk, and you OD, then just die, and get out of our hair…..

  • laura

    i’m going to be really angry if he finds the money for this and not to keep prisons open and good people employed. these people chose their paths knowing full well what could happen it isn’t fair for everyone else to keep picking up the tab for them. you think they pay for that ambulance ride or the hospital? no it gets passed along to the rest of us. a lot of them get disability – also on us. foodstamps and medicare, again us. enough! stop forcing those of us who are productive to pay for people who never will

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