95 Gallons of Fuel Oil Spill onto Roadway After Crash

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ARMSTRONG TOWNSHIP — A road was closed in both directions after a fuel oil spill in Lycoming County.

95 gallons of fuel oil spilled onto a portion of Route 15 North and South after a three vehicle crash with a tractor trailer just before 2:30 p.m. on Thursday.

According to officials, Route 15 North and South in Armstrong Township was closed for about an hour  while crews cleaned up the spill.

Authorities say one person received minor injuries during the crash.


  • Set it straight

    Just so you understand 95 gallons isn’t a huge amount compared to some spills. I burned more then that yesterday hauling groceries to the grocery stores!

    • Toby Fair

      95 gallons fuel oil? Did you drive a house? haha
      I think you mean gasoline. In the grand skeem 95 gal oil isnt much, unless youre paying to fill your tank.

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