94-Year-Old Driver Given Probation for DUI Crash into Home

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WILLIAMSPORT -- A 94-year-old man was ordered to serve a year of probation for crashing his car into his neighbor's home in Lycoming County.

John Flannery, 94, of Montoursville, was sentenced earlier this week for the wreck on Elm Street in Montoursville last May.

A man sitting in a chair in the living room was hit by the car and hurt.

In November, Flannery pleaded guilty to DUI and recklessly endangering another person In Lycoming County.


  • OMG!!

    Unfortunately this falls under “age discrimination” and the guy will get nothing more..just like the State cant force and take away a license to a driver that is just too old, doesn’t have reflexes and ultimately can crash into car after car after car with no consequences. There are no forced retests..thank age discrimination for this..even if they hit a child and kill them.

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