University of Scranton Holds Special Mass For Refugee Crisis

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SCRANTON -- Just days after President Trump signed an executive order temporarily banning all refugees from entering the United States, people came together not to protest but to pray.

The University of Scranton held a special Mass Wednesday evening for those seeking aid here.

As hymns were sung, a procession made its way to the altar inside a chapel at the University of Scranton.

This Catholic Mass was a special one, held to show that this community stands with the millions of refugees wanting to come to the United States.

“We wanted to pray in solidarity with refugees whenever they've come into this country, so we're going to offer an opportunity to pray with local folks in our Scranton area but also friends and family members of our University of Scranton community members,” said Dr. Helen Wolf, the director of the University’s Office of Campus Ministry.

“We had an event last semester where a refugee actually came and spoke and it was really moving speech where he just talked about how he really felt welcomed by the Scranton community,” said junior Caroline Farrell.

Last week, President Trump signed an executive order that stopped all refugees from entering the United States for four months while the new administration reviews the application and screening process.

That decision sparked protests at airports across the country.

“How to respond to the present crisis, 59 million of our brothers and sisters, refugees of this world,” Father Rick Mally asked the crowd.

Those gathered prayed that political leaders will open their hearts to those seeking relief in our country.

“One of the reasons my parents came to America is because obviously, it's the land of opportunity. That's what they heard, so I’m interested in keeping that statement true and alive,” said sophomore Kieran Baguiwet, whose parents emigrated from the Philippines.

In 2015, the University's Office of Campus Ministry created its Solidarity with Syria effort. Faculty, staff, and students advocate and provide aid for those most affected by the immigration crisis.


  • Higher Educa...wut?

    All this over a 90 day ban of 7 out of 49 Muslim majority countries to make sure they can be properly vetted before coming here. I’m glad there is finally some common sense in the WH again. It is seriously lacking on college campuses these days. Riot against free speech in Berkeley. Mass for terrorism in Scranton. Paying tens of thousands of dollars to be brainwashed. Unbelievable and sad.

  • your house.....not mine!

    Are all you holy rollers taking these pos immigrants/refugees into your house??? Oh, no? Why not? They’re surely not coming into my house! I thought I just had this conversation yesterday on here with the 8 protesters in Hazleton. Wise up you simpletons!

  • magicmikexxsm

    Seriously U.O.S. think about it. look at all of the problems German, Sweden, France, and a bunch of other countries in the EU are having over there now because they took in all those muslim refugees…

  • magicmikexxsm

    How about you hold a special mass, and help out our homeless people. disbaled vets, americans down and out on their luck………if you want tyo do something good help those people……that’s the problem when you have Democrat Derangement Syndrome……feel free to move to a muslim country for a while try it out for a bit, befor you all cry for them to come here……..


    Come together and pray for the troops.the homeless.not these scum freeloaders.who come here and want us to change our life style so we can please them.send them back where ever they came from.I VOTED TRUMP.GOD BLESS

  • tomtom

    Hey U of S…pay your taxes and then you can speak…freeloaders…killing Scranton…As far as travel ban goes…it is a good idea UNLESS the weather is OK…use common sense…if you need to use 4 wheel drive you shouldn’t be out on the roads…Safety first people…

  • Refugees are different

    alot of the refugees coming here helped our troops in iraq as interpreters and intelligence sources. most refugees coming here are seeking freedom after years of civil war in their countries- i.e- the Sudan . not one refugee has ever committed a terrorist act in america. the government already has a very strict process to allow refugees into this country. take the blinders off. refugees are the opposite of terrorists. they are seeking to escape terrorism!

  • Marc G.

    We can give plenty of aid without bringing them here, and we do. The US government has spent more to help refugees than any other nation, by far. They don’t want to be part of the melting pot. They want Sharia law in the USA. Look at the leader of the so-called women’s march, Linda Sarsour. She is a vocal advocate of Sharia for the USA. Insane.

  • meh

    why arent these brainwashed speshul snowflakes holding mass for all the homeless Americans in this country? what about all the poor folks that need help? These colleges have become cesspools of backwards thinking…………

    • Givemeabreak

      I am not affiliated with any religion but I would bet that the Catholic Church has done way more to help the poor in this country than you ever have. When was the last time you did anything for someone else and who are you to value one life more over another? I would bet everything I own that you are somebody that wants to cut assistance to the poor but are for tax cuts to the wealthy.

  • Mary Jo Fortuner

    Ch16 is making false statements in line 2 and 15 of this report.TRUMP DID NOT BAN ALL REFUGEES. The EO is a temporary suspension of 4 months in SIX countries with the highest terrorist threat until vetting discrepancies are handled better and one (Syria) indefinitely till present terrorist levels are studied better. The current 109 refugees being detained from entrance are being re-vetted and some have ALREADY BEEN RELEASED. So this news report makes blatantly FALSE statements above in line 2 and 15. Exaggerating the situation that the families are upset in being separated for 4 months longer is using their emotional distress for false purposes. I am ashamed the Church portrays this government move as hateful when it is EXACTLY THE SAME MOVE OBAMA made to keep us safe in 2011 and the Church didn’t find anything wrong with it then. Why isn’t the Church protesting and marching in the streets about the Christian genocide going on in these Terrorist countries,the Congo and China, too? Why doesn’t Rome take several thousand refugees in? This highlights LOCAL Media lies and Socialist/leftist ideals infiltrating the Church as well as the love of Government subsidies from the refugee programs they run.

    • Givemeabreak

      You are ashamed the church portrays this government move as shameful? Sounds more like a guilty conscience to me. The church is about helping all people from all walks of life not just Americans or white people, all people. Amongst the refugees are children that have lost parents, or are permanently disabled from living in a war zone. The church just wants to help. How are you helping? Remember the Golden Rule? I hope you are never in a time of need. The universe has a funny way of balancing things out.

    • duh

      Stop confusing people with the truth. They would rather hate on Trump and accept terrorists into their homes. Just another example of people not having any clue what they are protesting about.

  • think positive

    Why no special Masses for the thousands upon thousands of children in this country who are victims of pedophilia, abuse, neglect, starvation, etc. etc. etc.

    • WarningFakeNews

      With the history of the Catholic church, that one might hit a little to close to home. I do not wish to offend good Catholics with this observation, but what has happened within the church in the past such as moving predators around, hiding, and enabling them wasn’t a good thing for anybody, especially their followers.

  • WarningFakeNews

    From this piece:
    “Last week, President Trump signed an executive order that stopped all refugees from entering the United States for four months while the new administration reviews the application and screening process.”
    This is completely false. President Trump’s order DID NOT stop ALL refugees from entering the United States, it put a temporary halt on 7 countries. Refugees are still coming into this country, but there is a freeze in place from the 7 terrorist hotspots identified by the previous administration as needing further travel restrictions.

    This is, in other words, fake news.

    • think positive

      Yeah, if you’re going to report the news, then please report it accurately! Inaccurate information misinforms the public and causes all kinds of unnecessary confusion.

  • goose

    It’s a “crisis” now? My effin goodness! No. You that are pushing this are getting lied to vehemently by immoral cowards too afraid to lose their jobs because they also picked bad majors in school. Congratulations if you wanted to be in a ‘clique’ or a CULT. That is what you are being viewed as by the majority. They’re not telling you about the hundreds of felony charges laid on the “protesters” or the fact that the Secret Service, DHS and FBI are also watching you people that are this stupid to put on a display. YOU ARE PART OF A FASCIST CULT THAT SEEKS TO SILENCE DISSENTING OPINIONS. Clear enough? Felons can’t vote and lose other rights as well. Watch Steven Crowder’s new video on ‘Louder with Crowder’ to see him totally OWN every argument that you have with a reporter from the UK asking the questions. You are welcome.

    • goose

      It’s under SkyNews vs. Crowder debate. I tried to put the link, this site don’t play that way for obvious reasons.

    • Givemeabreak

      I am really having a hard time understanding your comment. Who is part of a fascist cult? Facism definition; an authoritarian and nationalistic right-wing system of government and social organization, (in general us) extreme right-wing, authoritarian, or intolerant views or practice.

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