Pocono Mountain School to Offer Sponsorships Inside High Schools

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TOBYHANNA TOWNSHIP -- The Pocono Mountain School District unveiled plans to start selling sponsorships and advertisement space to businesses that would go inside the high school in places like the auditorium, the cafeteria, and even the gym.

School leaders believe this could be a big boost to their budget as more and more school districts find themselves making cuts to get by.

"By doing this and exploring ideas like this and concepts like this, they can continue to achieve those goals of maintaining fiscal responsibility," said Jeanine Hofbauer with HYPED, the liaison between the school district and potential businesses. Hofbauer, whose daughter is currently a sophomore in the school district, signed on with the district to help attract businesses for sponsorship deals around the high school with the money going into the district's general fund.

You won't find any logos in classrooms or directly distracting students from learning, but Hofbauer hopes to attract businesses big and small.

"It's more community exposure," said John Holahan with Liberty Homes Custom Builders. "I'm a home builder. I'm not going to be trying to sell houses to people here, but we want to be involved in the community and the school district."

The new program would also create a school magazine that includes those sponsors, allowing students like Rebecca Sebring to hone their skills designing the final product.

"I think it's a really cool way for people to get involved in something there's not many clubs for - graphic design or journalism," said Sebring. "It's a really cool way to get in real-world experience."

Organizers with this sponsorship program hope to have banners and deals in place by the spring.


  • jim

    Lets look at how school money is spent. 20 sports programs an you need EMT’s and police transportation costs, lighting, uniforms, coaching salaries…etc.
    Teachers salaries benefits and pensions……new buildings…school administrator’s salaries.
    Who s managing this money?

  • Malley

    Where’s all the gambling money that was supposed to alleviate taxes and help fund the school district? Did we get the pennies instead of the dollars? So now, as C2 said about lawyer ads, they will know where to get a good lawyer when they’re offended by something.

  • C2

    I’ve seen this already up here, in Lehighton High School… they have advertisements for BANKS AND LAWYERS in the gymnasium. Similarly with SUNY-Binghamton – banks and lawyers in the auditorium. It’s disgusting! They’re children, trying to learn, FFS!

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