Food Orders for Super Bowl Coming in Early

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MONROE COUNTY -- Cheese pizzas, pepperoni, sausage, you name it, it's likely on the Super Bowl Sunday pre-order list at Kasa's Pizza near Mount Pocono.

Pizza shop managers say the few days leading up to Super Bowl Sunday are almost as crazy at the day itself.

"Yes, it's a big busy pizza weekend. We get a lot of orders for pizza, large wings. We gear up and get ready for it. We also run specials on Sunday," said Susie Eckhart, Kasa's Pizza General Manager.

Kasa's makes its own pizza dough, so prepping for the mad rush means all hands on deck.

Hundreds of pizzas and even more wings will go out the door this weekend.

"When the truck comes in, there will be so many wings on there I won't know where to go with them," said Eckhart.

While some people take out, others decide to eat in. At Burke's Tavern in Mount Pocono, owners tell us they have already received a number of chicken wing orders for people picking up or dining in.

"All day long, we have already taken orders. For wings, people pick up wings and we cook them in advance. People pick them up and we cook them because people don't want to cook them, themselves," said Jack Burke, Burke's Tavern.

Workers at Burke's Tavern have a little bit more weight to carry on game day. They have to satisfy customers who come in to watch and eat, and those who pick up food and go.

"Each year it's different. A lot, how does a lot sound?  A lot of wings, honey hot and mild," said Burke.

There is still plenty of time to put in an order at each of these locations.

Managers at both spots say game day orders stay steady through halftime.

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