‘Make America Pray Again’ Addresses Trump Actions

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CLARKS GREEN -- An event in northeastern and central Pennsylvania called "Make America Pray Again" was planned before Donald Trump took office, but it is addressing some of the controversy from the past 10 days and the division in America.

Dozens of pastors from the region gathered at the Assembly of God in Clarks Green for a luncheon focused on prayer and getting faith back in the lives of people in our country.

"Because we need roots. When you look at the way life is now, when you see how deeply divided our country was in the last election, we've got to get something bigger than arguing about red and blue, and we've got to get back to something that's really firm. I think that's truth," said President of Clarks Summit University Jim Lytle

Students from Clarks Summit University hosted the luncheon. They did the cooking and serving but were there for more than just that. They also wanted to hear the message.

"Trying to get prayer back into our country. It's definitely necessary. We wouldn't be anywhere without God," said student Caden Arendt.

Popular Evangelical speaker David Barton was the focus at Tuesday's event. He says the bible addresses a lot of the same issues we still deal with today, including many issues in this year's election, especially President Trump's travel ban.

"It makes sense that you do not want to bring people into the nation that do not like the nation," Barton said.

Barton likes that Trump said Christian refugees who are persecuted in the Middle East are a priority.

"Let's raise our level of higher vetting. Let's get higher vetting so that we're making sure that people who are coming really are friendly, don't want to blow us up. We know that the persecuted Christians are not that, so they can keep coming in and out of the seven nations. That was significant news that really didn't get out there about the travel ban," Barton explained.

Before Tuesday's luncheon, there was a lecture at Clarks Summit University and the "Make America Pray Again" event ends Tuesday evening with a rally in Williamsport. Organizers say they had to change the venue of the event because over 1,000 people pre-registered.


  • Wondering

    Shouldn’t they be praying for God’s will to be done instead of telling God what they want done? Big difference!

  • Ruchard Geiger

    MAKE America pray, sounds like a threat to non-Christian’s like my family. Don’t force your beliefs on me.

    • WarningFakeNews

      Probably a poor choice of words in this case, but there is this movement spearheaded by the President and they wanted to be part of it, I think, part of the getting back to basics. No one is requiring you to join in, however, I’m sure we’re comfortable having you to be just a spectator, if that’s what you choose. You probably don’t have to fear that this group will force you to join or have you die, like some others.

  • goose

    I don’t know much about religion as much as I know about scripture. Everything good in life sometimes betrays a belief. I do know that if you slow down the crickets singing on a summer’s night… You have a symphony that seems to be written by a hand. Go to what makes you believe, but know that the beauty is all around you while being so damn obvious. Search “Gods Cricket Chorus”. We are part of something that I don’t have a membership to while trying to save some of us. I only believe in chaos to right this sinking ship.

    • WarningFakeNews

      There is the written word, as you point out, and also the evidence. The evidence found in the simplest of things, like a blade or grass or an acorn is overwhelming against chance if you look at it close enough. “Everything we call real is made of things that cannot be regarded as real.”- Niels Bohr.

  • WarningFakeNews

    Prayer done properly focuses the mind on a desired outcome and done in groups, harmonizes the good desired. The cynic, not so much. For them, quiet focus in a meditative state might be more applicable.

    • WarningFakeNews

      Imaginary in the sky? Or creative power through imagery within? Omnipresent is the quality that would make that so.

  • lookback

    Evidently your religion preaches superiority and preference of your flock in the eyes of not just a government but also God. Hmmm, they must have changed the Bible since the last time I read it.

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