Approval for Trump on Twitter in Schuylkill County

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SCHUYLKILL COUNTY -- Never before has a president utilized social media, particularly Twitter, the way President Trump has. Even some supporters have criticized the president for his constant tweeting.

There have been a handful of polls done on the president's use of Twitter. They found that a majority of Americans across the country believe President Trump's use of Twitter is "a bad thing" or "too much."

But if you go to a place like Schuylkill County, most of the people there have a very different opinion.

There isn't a day that goes by that President Donald Trump isn't on Twitter.

On Tuesday, he tweeted out this a tease for the Supreme Court announcement.

It's several tweets like this a day along with tweets of him lashing out at his critics that have many people worried -- but not the people who voted for him.

"I don't see a problem with it," said Randy Smith of Girardville. "Maybe other people do, but I don't see a problem with what he does on Twitter."

In Schuylkill County, a county that voted heavily in favor of Trump on Election Day, people defend the president's choice to communicate through Twitter.

"If everyone wasn't on Twitter, they wouldn't know if he was using it. Maybe they just don't want to hear what he has to say," said Harry Hosler of Saint Clair.

"Maybe he feels that is the only way he can communicate better," said Smith.

During his inauguration speech, the president said tweeting would be his way to bypass the media to get information out.

"I think he is using it too much," said George Reed of New Philadelphia, who did not vote for Donald Trump.

He worries that if you only read the president's tweets and bypass the media, you also bypass the fact-checking process.

"Certain things that the president does should be kept to himself, or within his council and stuff. I think he is a little bit out of balance on it."


  • Time for some changes

    LET’S BE CLEAR, the only characters worried are the left wing radical media because they can’t control what people hear. wink, wink wnep.

    • goose

      You got it. Over 70% of people that come here for news skip over the story because they know it is biased. They go down to read the comments instead. The falsifiers know this as well. How many of you are Mark Dice, Project Veritas, David Seaman, High Impact Flix, Alex Jones fans? Get educated

  • getalife

    “It’s several tweets like this a day along with tweets of him lashing out at his critics that have many people worried,” SO STUPID!!!! Worried about what? So if back in the day he wrote the stuff down he was feeling and expressing instead of tweeting it or FB-ing it that’s ok? What’s the difference? Everyone uses social media! Jeez..

    • goose

      Lashing out? Or responding to connect with how the world operates now to hear the voice, not of what you want to hear. But of the leader of your country hurting feelings to keep you alive. Stop being an emotional mess. Please. It’s like the first day of school when half the class was crying for their Mommies, and the other half was like, “Cool, let’s play”. Bunch of punks

  • goose

    I always see that county getting painted in a negative light by everybody. An older guy I ran into said that the whole area was in steep decline after Hurricane Agnes hit back in ’72 when the track beds were flooded, but Cassius Clay had his gym there and the brewery in Pottsville is something. Necho Allen’s discovery of hard coal pretty much built the rest of NEPA and made cheap travel to California possible in the late 1800’s? I don’t know if any of this is true. Can we get an all encompassing story WNEP? Emotional opinions are not fruitful for actual thought.

  • WarningFakeNews

    The headline says one thing, the story implies that most have only modest approval, with some having reservations.

    Perhaps that’s due to a desire on the interviewer’s part to help keep media relevant as the sole gateway of information. It isn’t anymore, and that’s condition brought upon itself.

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