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Aldi Grocery Store Coming to Mount Pocono Area

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COOLBAUGH TOWNSHIP — A vacant lot in the Poconos will soon be home to a popular chain grocery store. Aldi plans to move into the Mount Pocono area later this year.

People who live nearby are excited about the new addition.

Developers just got the green light to start building the new grocery store.

The plan to open a store in Coolbaugh Township near Mount Pocono means less of a commute for some shoppers and more jobs in the area.

Real estate agents with K W Commercial say developers with Aldi grocery store received the green light to start building on a lot along Route 940.

Bernard Klocko from Gouldsboro looks forward to the addition.

“I see them a lot down there in Jersey and they are big on bulk items. There aren’t too many places, well at least here in Mount Pocono, where you can buy in bulk, so I give it a thumbs up,” Klocko said.

Right now, the only Aldi in Monroe County is in Stroudsburg.

Velia Lombardi from Blakeslee says she shopped at the Stroudsburg store on North 9th Street, but it’s a little out of her way. She goes for the affordable produce.

“You go to the other bigger chain stores and I don’t think that you’re getting the same produce. It’s coming out of the same distribution house and you’re paying almost double sometimes,” said Lombardi.

“Honestly, they have a good organic section. They are inexpensive and it creates more of a variety in the area,” said Michelle Ciccia.

People are very excited to have Aldi in the Mount Pocono area, but one thing they want to make sure of is that the business has enough entrances and exits for traffic to get in and out in the already-congested area.

“Just want to make sure there are ways for them to get out, both ways so that it’s not blocking up Summit Avenue up here because this is kind of my main thoroughfare,” said Ciccia.

The addition also means a boost to the economy and more jobs for people in the Poconos.

“From what I understand, Aldi’s pays very well, pays their employees very well. I have a friend who has worked there for many years. She retired and then went to work at Aldi’s and has been there for ten years,” said Lombardi.

Construction on the grocery store is scheduled to begin once the weather gets a little warmer.