Hundreds Flock to See Newest, Fastest Cars at Philly Auto Show

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PHILADELPHIA -- Does the early bird get the best car deal? If the answer is yes, then maybe that's why people at the Philadelphia Auto Show came even before the doors opened.

People were able to check out the hottest cars at the Philadelphia Convention Center.

"Just to get to look at great cars that they have. I come here every year, and it's awesome, the things that they have. I'm looking for SUVs and things like that. I enjoy myself," said Richard Witt of Philadelphia.

There was fun for the whole family to enjoy in the Hollywood section. It features famous cars from well-known movies like "Dumb and Dumber" and "Ghostbusters."

Courtney Kasser is a native of Clarks Summit and is trying to make the car-buying experience a family one.

"We are looking at a little bit of everything. We are checking out some of the SUVs and the kids love the construction crew vehicles," said Kasser.

Already, organizers are saying the crowds this year are better than years past.

David Kelleher, chairman of Philadelphia Auto Show, says the car show is one of the top car shows for someone looking to purchase a car.

"It's one big showroom with no sales people, to get in, feel them, and enjoy them, but then there's an entertainment factor," said Kelleher.

Car companies had different attractions for everyone to enjoy, from taking a spin around Philadelphia in a Toyota to Camp Jeep where folks were able to ride along a rigid test track.

"It's actually pretty cool. Last year, it was kind of the same setup but they definitely change it up and added a couple more things to it, so it was definitely really cool," said Brandon Weyer of Philadelphia.

If you're looking to join in on the fun, the Philadelphia Auto Show continues through February 5.

For information and ticket prices, visit Philadelphia Auto Show.

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