College Class Discusses Executive Order on Immigration

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WILLIAMSPORT -- It’s a U.S. constitutional and legal history class, but Dr. Craig Miller took time out to discuss some current issues at Pennsylvania College of Technology.

"First the United States wants to determine who you are, what have you been doing, who have you been affiliated with," said Dr. Miller.

Over the weekend, President Trump issued a series of executive orders. One in particular related to immigration. It temporarily banned nearly all travelers from several Middle Eastern and African countries from entering the United States.

"The broader problem is there are people with visas and green cards,” said Craig Miller.

The executive order left a lot of unanswered questions.

"When I first heard about it, I was like kind of excited. I was happy," said Jessica Everetts.

When Everetts found out who was affected by the ban, she says her opinion changed.

"It was upsetting because there are a lot of great people here that mean us no harm,” said Everetts.

"I don't think this is a good step towards any type of fighting against terrorism. I think it cast too wide of a net. I think it caught people up that it didn't need to," said Adam Hoffman.

With the fight over the immigration ban now in court, this may not be the last time students raise these kinds of constitutional questions in class.


  • Seneca

    “It was upsetting because there are a lot of great people here that mean us no harm”. Well, indeed. Hopefully students who made this point have come away knowing how much we depend on immigration authorities to ensure that those entering the U.S. indeed mean us no harm. President Trump’s Executive Order updates previous guidance to immigration officials and allows them to better address security issues, including counterterrorism.

    Immigration officers have to ask a lot of questions—Dr. Miller’s “who you are, what you have been doing, who you have been affiliated with”. Anyone entering the U.S. has to go through immigration and customs screening. That includes U.S. citizens as well as visa and Green Card holders. They often have to cast their net wide.

    After the temporary ban in President Trump’s Executive Order expires, perhaps Dr. Miller could hold another time-out discussion on whether or not American citizens have been made safer because of it. I suspect the WNEP audience would find that interesting.

  • dave

    non citizens of the us have no rights under the Constitution and if you think they do realize that every non citizen denied entry could sue for benefits like social security welfare ect.

  • WarningFakeNews

    Really WNEP? Really?

    57% of Americans agree with President Trump. Probably even higher in your viewing area. Try going and talking to the blue collar workers that are the backbone of this area instead of liberal professors and their students afraid to tick them off.

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