What immigrants need to know about Trump’s order

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President Donald Trump is considering a blanket ban on refugees for up to four months, according to a draft executive order obtained by CNN

There’s a lot of confusion about President Donald Trump’s executive order limiting immigration, especially for immigrants already living in the United States and those wanting to travel here. Here are some things you need to know:

How do I know if it affects me?

For now, President Trump’s executive order affects citizens of seven Muslim-majority countries.

They are:

  • Iraq
  • Iran
  • Libya
  • Somalia
  • Sudan
  • Syria
  • Yemen

But the executive order also makes clear those seven countries are just a starting point for a likely broader ban that might include more countries.

What can I do to protect myself?

If you’re a citizen of any of the countries listed above, do not travel outside the US at least for the next 90 days. This applies even if you have a green card, which means you’re a lawful permanent resident of the US.

What if I have an emergency and I have to travel?

If you absolutely HAVE to travel, please consult an immigration lawyer first.

What if I am already abroad and need to travel back to the US?

If you’re a citizen of any of the countries listed above, you may have difficulty getting back into the US.

If you’re a lawful permanent resident of the US from any of the countries above, get in touch with an immigration lawyer before flying back.

What if I’m a naturalized US citizen?

If you’re an American citizen, you should be fine — even if you are from one of the targeted countries.

Can my relatives fly back with me if I’m a citizen?

Not if you’re from one of the countries listed above. In that case, your relatives may face difficulties at immigration upon entering the US.

What if I have family or friends who were waiting to resettle to the US as refugees?

The executive order also halted the refugee program, at least for the next 120 days. This applies to all refugees, not just those from the seven countries above.

In the case of Syria, the resettlement process has been halted indefinitely.

What else do I need to know?

Know your rights. The Immigration Defense Project has prepared a flyer that outlines how to lawfully interact with Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents if they come to your house.

You can find the flyer here.


  • redrum

    He also signed an order to stop politicians from becoming lobbyists, like he said he would. What’s next? Voter I.D.’s? Drug tests for welfare recipients? I’m outraged that people can’t take advantage of law abiding citizens! Outraged I tell you! How DARE we have a President that says he will do his job and then actually does it. When and where is the next protest? Putin killed Santa Clause.

  • bernard

    WNEP news in lock step with George Stephanopolus by spending first 7 minutes critiquing the Executive Order without one second of the opposite view as to why its needed. Losing credibility daily NEP news team. At least treat these controversial issues fairly and evenly. The rights of citizens should be paramount to those of foreign nationals, there are people who believe that who are not bad people.

  • magicmikexxsm

    It’s funny the list that Trump used is the same list that obamaused, but now the demorats have a problem with it, but under obama, they the demorats where fine with it………can you say MAJOR HYPOCRITS???? lollol

  • magicmikexxsm

    WNEP your headline should have been…………………………………………
    What immigrants, and Illegal Aliens need to know about Trump’s order……

    Know this, your time here in the USA is growing closer to an end..start packing your bags….

  • WarningFakeNews

    What’s really telling about all of this is that the democrats have vowed to oppose everything- EVERYTHING- President Trump does. Everything includes items they’ve done themselves in the past, all things which would benefit their base, everything. They opposed little or nothing President Obama did. That’s called “situational ethics” which aren’t ethics at all, but rather a political strategy. The media is hand and hand with them in doing this. Their opposition for expediency’s sake speaks volumes as to why we distrust them to run the country or report on the news.

    • nojustice_nopeace

      Trump doesn’t hate muslims. the countries are specific for specific reasons. muslims hate us, so why don’t you concern yourself with THAT more???

      • DJB

        That was my biggest problem with Hillary and Obama not using the term “radical Islamists”. By specifically identifying them, you can separate radical and hateful jihadis from average Muslims who do NOT hate us or the USA. By saying universally that ALL Muslims hate us, it creates ridiculous phobias and Obama knew that and used it to his advantage as he painted the GOP and GOP voters as bigots and xenophobes.

      • loser

        Hey no justice no peace, are you going to whine again to Channel16 and get everybody’s posts erased today like you did the other day?

    • cup.of.coffee

      Its coming.. Indonesia, Malaysia..
      But of course Trump won’t banned Saudi Arabia because he has a property in Dubai.. that’ll be your question why?

      • DJB

        More from the intelligentsia. Newsflash: Dubai is a separate country from Saudi Arabia. Your comment makes NO SENSE. Learn geography and facts before you post. Makes you look as foolish as WNEP and their bias.

    • les

      Because we still have alot of trade going on with non-corrupt countries in Indonesia.
      And until they are known to be an exporter of terrorism, which they have not proved to be, they should stay off the banned list.

  • WarningFakeNews

    What Americans need to know about the temporary immigration ban- Trump is doing exactly what he said he’d do, so our reasons for electing him are validated. Let’s not get to the point of where we have the “migrants” hijacking trucks here and smashing them into the crowds.

  • hocuspocus13

    It’s Obama’s Order

    Visa Waiver Program Act 2015

    Fact Check it before you get so far to the edge there will be no where to go but down

    • poonus

      Yep. upvoted for being correct. CNN is fake news… wonder what they are lying about on this story? Oh. NO mention of Obama’s 2015 Visa Waiver program ACT and his DHS people are the ones who pointed out these places have issues with their problematic visas, WNEP left that out too, but it’s a CNN story, so it’s expected since they don’t like Trump.

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