Growing Concerns About Refugee Ban

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SCRANTON -- The fear of the unknown: that is how one refugee describes President Donald Trump's ban on Syrian refugees and citizens from six other Middle Eastern countries. Fred Ushu spent 13 years in refugee camps in war-torn Congo before coming to the United States.

Congo is not on the list of banned countries, however Ushu, who now lives in Scranton, is concerned for his friends and family who may be turned away in the future.

“The whole thing should be looked at as a humanitarian assistance. The UN calls it a durable solution because it is indeed a durable solution. Those who come are really victims,” Ushu told Newswatch 16.

Bob Curry works with people from many different backgrounds at the Hazleton Integration Project. Curry says accepting people from other countries is what already makes America great.

"We've been able to bring all these diverse groups into our country, bring their cultures and their strengths, and proceed as a single unified nation,” said Bob Curry of the Hazleton Integration Project.

Newswatch 16 spoke with people in Hazleton who support the executive order and those who didn’t.

“Take care of our own first then take care of others. It's just like when a plane goes down in crash mode, first you have to put on your mask to help your child. I believe the same thing,” said Lou Colon of Hazleton.

“We have a great deal to do with what happened in the Middle East. We have to do our best to bring some help to those people,” said Wayne Roache of Hazleton.

Ushu says he still has friends and family in refugee camps. He hopes the ban will not be expanded and, ultimately, will be short-lived.

“We are all people. We are all human race, and we all need to be treated equal, not just because of our religious backgrounds,” said Ushu.

Catholic Social Services of Scranton has run a program to help refugees from Syria. It is unclear on how the organization will handle this new ban.


  • Robert

    Why is the LGBT community so worried about this ban? I say let them travel forth to Saudi Arabia and protest there!
    Lets see what happens. Dam idiots…..

  • Wayno12

    You are MUSLIMS – you HAVE a country, quit coming to the U.S for a handout. CHANEG your OWN country to the way you want it. Keep you ‘religion’ ouf of the U.S. – it is a false one started by a pedophile and pirate.

  • CeeMe

    Go help yourselves in your own countries, oh fearful ones. The American Citizen doesn’t owe you anything and we are tired of your entitlement.

  • GLorious

    Growing Concerns About Refugee Bans eh?
    Well the rest of the world should be clear that there are millions of Americans who’ve had significant concerns for years about supporting refugees, illegal immigrants, and sending our tax dollars to develop other countries while our own infrastructure needs go unfunded. By the way, your portion of the $20Trillion debt goes up everyday and I don’t see any other countries coming to our aid to reduce it.

    • CeeMe

      You’re smart, unlike some stupid Americans. Bob Curry should put his money where his mouth is and support these people. I don’t want to.

  • Sam I Am

    In 1995 Bill Clintons speech on immigration got a standing ovation, guess it was ok then when we had less terrorism.

  • Patrick

    HEY! WORLD AT WAR. Listen up now! I grew up listening to “YANKEE GO HOME”. “Imperialists go away”. So we did. You tossed out America, England, France…and most if not all of anyone that was there and brought you into the 20th century. Okay, we took off the training wheels and this is what you have to show for yourselves in the 21st century. If you can’t ride your own bicycle at this point; I’m not giving you a ride on my handlebars anymore. This is what you wanted, this is what you’ve done with yourselves. DO NOT BRING ANY OF THIS HERE ANYMORE. GO AWAY NOW!
    We have our own flat tires to repair!

    • rayzin42

      Well said!! I’m personally tired of terrorism, and 99.9% of the time it isn’t Americans running around blowing up American buildings, people, etc… Lock the country down, keep the dog s**t out of OUR country

  • Gail

    Quote from above news story…. “We’ve been able to bring all these diverse groups into our country, bring their cultures and their strengths, and proceed as a single unified nation,” said Bob Curry of the Hazleton Integration Project. —

    This is America. We had our own culture. But lately we seem to have to bow down to all the other cultures so we don’t offend them. Anything about our culture that is offensive to them is being taken away from us. And according to Bob Curry above, bringing all these diverse groups here has allowed us to proceed as a single unified nation. I do not see unity in our nation. It is becoming more and more divided every day.

    • CeeMe

      You’re so right! This guy quoted doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Everyone who comes here, needs to become an AMERICAN, or GO AWAY!!!

  • Tom J.

    This story is so one sided. We don’t have the right to ensure the safety of our citizens?? We MUST take refugees because they’ve screwed up their own country and must leave it?? Since when are we the savior of the world?? Where do we get the money for this??
    Hey refugees/immigrants, you DO NOT have the right to come to this country unless we say so. We decide who comes here. If we want to ensure OUR safety by not allowing you to come here that is OUR decision not yours. If you don’t like it, fix your own country, make IT great. You’d obviously make a great citizen, you have problems in your native country and you’re ready to abandon it at the drop of a hat. We don’t need those kind of citizens.

    • meh

      “This story is so one sided. ” you should have realized by now WNEp has become a propaganda outlet for all major stories…

  • Trumpalicious

    This is what things look like when a President keeps his word to save our country. I know it’s a hard pill to swallow open door cupcakes, but this will be your future for a while. Get used to it!

  • Mary Jo Fortuner

    I’m disappointed that Ch16 chose to go with misinformation and Fear Mongering rather than establish fact and ease misgivings about the immigration ban. You glazed over the fact that it is TEMPORARY til a stronger vetting procedure can be set up,and that it only effects the 7 countries where Terrorists infiltrating as immigrants were highest in number and has NOTHING to do with the immigrants RELIGION as it bans ALL, not just members of one religion. Then Ch16 ran video and interviews of the protests at the airport in NY which promoted the misinformation as if we were banning Muslims and legal immigrants WHICH WE ARE NOT, then interview Bob Curry who makes his false statement as if we are banning some particular whole ethnic group totally. THEN interview the gentleman from the Congo to increase the fear bans will be put on non-involved countries.You only gave 1 interview pro-ban and it was short and non informative as to the correct points of the ban itself, not from a professional or pro-ban political professional (as the NY video did) Shame on you, Ch16. Don’t add to the current air of misinformation, fear mongering and social discord.

    • Lloyd Schmucatelli

      Well Mary Jo, I am glad that another person, YOU, has caught on to WNEP’ trickle down left wing media lap dog tendencies.
      If you pay close attention, most of their non local news is a sad copy and paste of CNN’s worthless drivel.

      Why do i come here, some people may ask? Simply to congratulate people like you for being free thinkers.

    • Common Sense

      WNEP has really dropped the ball.
      They delete posts that aren’t part of the agenda. That’s why you see the comments section is empty on some topics, as they have all been deleted. They seem to be hell bent on destroying our country.
      There was a story about “Heroin” and they deleted every post, Because ALL the posts said the same thing…….the truth.

  • elegise

    Its time we look out for our own citizens. The media frenzy and misleading headlines and stories is frustrating.. It wasn’t Americans that took down the World Trade Center.

  • Vincent T.

    Trump doing what he ran on and his numbers continue to go up. 75% of these refugees want sharia law worldwide ……..assimilate in the US ?! no way . Go Trump !

  • sc

    Americans are not concerned about refugees being banned.
    giving them some aid in their own country is the humanitarian thing to do but WE DONT WANT A GERMANY OR SWEDEN HERE!!!!

  • WarningFakeNews

    For all too long, we Americans had growing concerns about ISIS infiltrating our country- which were completely ignored by the past administration. This is a temporary fix until a better vetting system is put in place. Well thought-out and necessary.

  • i quit..

    Liberals say ,aliens want come and converge and become part of this great nation. THEN WHY ARE THERE SO MANY SIGNS IN SPANISH?

    • CeeMe

      Because most illegals and immigrants coming here nowadays, don’t think and aren’t required to learn our language and customs. They’re entitled and maybe too stupid and lazy to learn how to be an American.

  • Hinsteka IjI

    If it was about banning Muslims, why then does in not include the country with the larges Muslim population, Indonesia?

    • Rurbanite

      Because there are developing Trump business interests in Indonesia, as well as Saudi Arabia and other countries not on the banned list.

  • Its his right

    Under U.S. Code, the president does have the statutory authority to keep anyone out of the country, for any reason he thinks best. Per 8 USC §1182

    “Whenever the President finds that the entry of any aliens or of any class of aliens into the United States would be detrimental to the interests of the United States, he may by proclamation, and for such period as he shall deem necessary, suspend the entry of all aliens or any class of aliens as immigrants or nonimmigrants, or impose on the entry of aliens any restrictions he may deem to be appropriate.”

    • El Ma

      Regardless of whether or not I “like” this order, it is what it is. We do, indeed, have a situation of our own in our country and I do feel compassion for individuals who are living in repressive societies or under dictatorships, etc. Of course, I do. But, I also have a concern as to why there are more vacant homes in the U.S. than there are homeless individuals.

      Perhaps, at some point, certain demographics will become sick of perceptions and restrictions on truly innocent individuals and begin forming changes within their own cultures so that………..(who knows?)……….there won’t be a refugee situation in their own country.

      • LLoyd Schmucatelli

        The two things that you are comparing have no correlation with one another. Stopping refugees from coming in and housing the homeless? If you want your point to be made better, You gotta streamline your thoughts a little bit.

    • CeeMe

      Time to get rid of those liberal judges who trample on and twist our Constitution and Make America Great Again!

  • Patrick

    NO! NO! NO! Fix your own and invite a bleeding heart liberal from here to go there and show you how it’s done PERIOD!

  • Lloyd Schmucatelli

    Trump! Trump! Trump! Trump!!!!!

    I love seeing this liberals squirming in their seats.

    I’m also with the fed ex guy!!

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