Dozens Gather To Rally Support Against Pipeline Projects

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FOSTER TOWNSHIP -- Dozens of people gathered at the Sandy Valley Campground near Freeland to support protesters hundreds of miles away trying to stop the Dakota Access and Keystone XL oil pipelines.

"This pipeline affects potentially millions of families," said organizer Victoria Naumowicz. "Looking at it from the point of a mother, it's heartbreaking."

The night of music was scheduled weeks before President Trump revived construction of both pipelines on Tuesday as part of an executive order.

"With the resigning and restarting of the pipeline, there's so much more people need to be made aware of what's going on," Naumowicz added.

The proposed oil pipelines have faced steady opposition over fears of environmental concerns and exploiting sacred lands.

But for other people in the nearby Freeland area, the time is now to get more jobs into the country and to better compete with other countries.

"We need the energy and we don't need to be dependent on oil from the Middle East so I guess we could use the energy," said John Volpe. "It would be good for everyone pocketbook wise, and as long as it's done properly and safely, I don't see a problem."

Organizers with the rally near Freeland tell Newswatch16 they plan to donate the money toward supplies for protesters out near the proposed Dakota Access pipeline.


  • Elmer

    When are these folks gonna realize that the pipeline will be completed. You may stall it a little but it will be finished.

  • joe

    I saw 7 people in the video & that included the band.
    Victoria’s red/pink hair is a real attraction too.
    And what “point” of being a mother have to do with a pipeline?
    Get a life.

  • Neon hair dye

    So I guess everyone there walked and do not drive cars or perhaps heat there homes with any of the products these pipelines supply. These two pipelines are not the 1st pipelines there are millions of line already laid out threwout the USA . So I guess we should start protesting oil tankers also then .

  • magicmikexxsm

    Utterly stupid people…okay protesters…I want you to stop driving your cars , Turn the heat off in your houses or appt. stop using any and all plastic..stop using makeup, stop using your power in your house, unless you know it comes from a windmill…basically stop using any and all things associated with gas, or oil……..because if you don’t you are a hypocrite….

  • Common Sense

    The REAL news…….Tribal leaders have formally asked the Feds for assistance in removing ALL protestors from Native American Territories.
    Put that up as a Headline……

  • WarningFakeNews

    DOZENS. And yet, despite the screaming headlines between this and the immigration (temporary and limited) ban, the Right to Life rally was huge and enjoyed like one measly report from this station. This is bias on display and why only about 14% of Americans trust the media.

      • WarningFakeNews

        I expect the bias, merely pointing it out. What they don’t get is that their slant exposes them for what they are, political hacks masquerading as journalists. 14% of the people believe them, even most democrats know they lie.

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