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Bald Eagle Being Cared for in Schuylkill County

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SCHUYLKILL COUNTY — An animal hospital in Schuylkill County is caring for a bald eagle that appears to be sick.

Workers at Companion Animal Hospital near Tamaqua say the eagle is very weak and may have lead poisoning.

The bird is currently undergoing tests, but workers in Schuylkill County say it is an amazing experience to examine the beautiful animal up close.


  • EagleTupee

    That picture be like…
    Eagle: “Hu? What… what did I do last night? Ugh never getting drunk again…


    I’m PRAYING this Bird does NOT end up at KNOEBELS like the ones they have there. Let it heal, SET IT FREE!! Those Poor Birds are so sad looking it breaks my heart to see them in a small, short cage where they cant even look down in the back corner of the park.

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