Some Customers in Scranton, Dunmore Double Billed

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SCRANTON -- The sale of the Scranton Sewer Authority to Pennsylvania American Water provided a cash infusion for Scranton and Dunmore, but there seems to be a kink in the transition that's affecting bill payers.

You may get a sewer bill from both companies but you only have to pay once.

Opening bills is never a pleasant experience, but if you live in Scranton and Dunmore and felt sticker shock when you saw your Pennsylvania American Water bill this week, don't fret. There's an explanation.

Pennsylvania American Water took over sewer operations in Scranton and Dunmore this month. The company says there was an error in transferring accounts from the former Scranton Sewer Authority.

You may have already paid your sewer bill that was due Thursday, but that amount still appears on your now-combined sewer and water bill. That's the error.

PAWC says it's OK if you deduct the extra sewer charge this month. You won't receive a late fee.

"If they already paid their sewer bill, they can deduct that amount. If they paid the full amount on their water bill, water and wastewater bill, and didn't realize it, it's going to be a credit in their next month's bill and it will even out," explained Pennsylvania American Water official Susan Turcmanovich.

Pennsylvania American Water says they don't know how many bills went out with the mistake.

Another thing that's important to remember: Scranton and Dunmore residents will now be billed every month for sewer usage but it will come with the water bill.


  • HillGirl06

    So, this $42 “wastewater service fee” that was accessed via SSA for $39 bi-monthly … will this charge now be MONTHLY?

  • Patti Dunning

    Above and beyond the double billing error, my bill has doubled. Normally I pay the sewer bill every other month of about 75-80, for this one month alone it was $85.00. How can they do that???

    • les

      @Patti Dunning
      PA American Water is a foreign company owned by the Germans who fleece everyone. When they took over my private water/wastewater system in Pike County my rates rose drastically.
      They have to pay their union folks driving around in their trucks all day.

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