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Repurposed Bags to Help Nonprofit

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PINE CREEK TOWNSHIP -- Scraps from a blanket factory in Clinton County are not going to waste. Instead, the fabric is helping a nonprofit that helps people beat addiction.

Inside the Woolrich outdoor clothing store, between the racks of clothing, you'll find handmade bags.

"Over a month we had them,” said Jewel Swanger.

A nonprofit called "Unshattered" is behind the designs, but each bag has a Woolrich label because it was made with Woolrich wool.

"They are using old repurposed wool from our wool mill," said Swanger.

Woolrich tries to use scrap materials as often as possible. For this project, Woolrich teamed up with "Unshattered." The bags are made by women who turned to the nonprofit for help to overcome addiction. Proceeds from the sales of the bags will go back into the organization.

"It's amazing to me what they can do with certain things. I mean even water bottles like what you can make, I think it's great for our environment,” said Laura Rowland.

Because each of the purses is made from scraps, each one is unique from one another. However, there is one piece of common thread that holds each one together. The thread is gold.

"This is a Japanese art form that they used to fix the pottery,” said Swanger.

The bags much like the women who made them are all unique and at one point were broken waiting to be remade.

"I think it empowers women so that they have a future. They are taken away from the life experiences that they have had. It could be something that changes their lives," said Rowland.

The bags are a limited edition at Woolrich. Once they're gone, they're gone.

To find out more about “Unshattered” Click Here.


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