Heavy Wind Causes Tree to Fall Onto Properties

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WILLIAMSPORT -- What started off as a normal day for Carol Diggan of Williamsport quickly turned into one big headache.

"What a mess," Diggan said.

Diggan was upstairs at her home on Jerome Avenue getting ready for work when she heard a knock at her door.

"My neighbor was pounding on my door and I opened the door and she said, 'Carol, did you know a tree just fell down on your car and on your house?'" Diggan recalled.

Heavy wind in Williamsport caused a tree to uproot and fall over. It hit Diggan's house and vehicle, but did not cause too much damage. It also hit Doris Smith's front porch. She was walking into her living room when she saw it come down.

"Facing the porch windows and just saw this, I thought it was a branch. But here it was the whole tree, just went down," Smith said.

Smith says the damage could have been a lot worse. There's usually a car parked there.

"They were not home, so that is good," Smith said.

Smith's daughter Sue Logue left work and rushed to her mother's house when she found out what happened.

"First concern was that she was OK and she was obviously, so we just assess the damage and go from there," Logue said.

Both women told Newswatch 16 they are just glad no one was hurt, and feel blessed because it could have been much worse.

"It's bad enough but it could have been worse," Smith said.

A cleanup crew from Williamsport came to chop up the tree and clean up the damage.

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  • Ben

    It’s not the wind knocking trees over, it’s the over-saturated soil. I’ve already lost several trees this winter because they uprooted themselves, 2 of them just this week.

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