Habitat For Humanity Fixing Up Homes in the Poconos

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EAST STROUDSBURG -- Habitat for Humanity volunteers are working on a home in the Poconos for a family in need.

Over the last few years, the organization has opted to fix vacant homes instead of building from the ground up.

Habitat for Humanity members are working to spruce up a house in East Stroudsburg for a family in need. The place is nearly 100 years old, but once these volunteers are done, it will look like new.

"You can see we've had to do some sheetrocking and rewiring, luckily not too much plumbing, but mostly rewiring," said Bill Snell of Habitat for Humanity.

The three-floor, four-bedroom home still needs a lot of work before a family can move in.

The hope is to have it complete by April.

Volunteers have been stopping by every chance they get.

"I am like from scratch here," said Elaine Forster. "I make a good go-fer and now I am learning a lot of the things that go along with, once you get the tools, use them."

This home was donated, but it's fixer-uppers and homes that are foreclosed that organization members look for.

Habitat for Humanity now opts to renovate instead of build from the ground up. Snell says it's because there are so many vacant homes on the market, but this option does have some challenges.

"It's harder to renovate a house than it is to build a new one and it takes longer because you never know what you'll run into until you open a wall."

The organization is also working on another project called "Brush of Kindness."

"We go out and we help people who can't afford to have repairs done on their home. We will go in and repair whatever they need," Forster explained.

To see if your family qualifies for a remodeled home or for the "brush of kindness" project, visit their website.  you can also learn more about volunteering.