Frackville Relieved as State Prison Survives

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FRACKVILLE -- In Schuylkill County, SCI Frackville was another prison that was in danger of closing.

More than 400 people could have lost their jobs there and been offered the chance to relocate.

It's been weeks of wondering whether the State Correctional Institution at Frackville would close. The decision finally came from the state Department of Corrections that this prison will stay open.

"A sigh of relief actually, just a lifting of a burden off of everyone's shoulders, especially some of the younger couples with children who would've had to move to different communities," said Cheryl Bobiak.

Bobiak is from Frackville and knows some of the 400 plus people who work at SCI Frackville.

"They've actually been on pins and needles, just waiting to find out whether SCI was going to stay open or going to close. Thank you to our representatives and senators who worked very hard to keep our SCI Frackville open."

Hundreds of corrections officers at SCI Frackville were concerned about losing their jobs, and the possibility of having to uproot their families and relocate them for work.

At the same time, businesses in the area were concerned about the economic impact that could have. Those businesses are also breathing a sigh of relief.

For the six years it's been in Frackville, Sweet Pizzz Pizza has been delivering food to the prison.

Corrections officers often pop in for lunch, and sometimes dinner with the family. The potential loss of the prison meant the potential loss of customers and business. With the prison staying open, everyone wins.

"That's good; it's really good. It'll save a lot of jobs, and of course, we'll keep the business," said Tabitha Murphy.

While the state decided SCI Frackville and two other state prisons in our area will stay open, it decided to close a prison in Pittsburgh.

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  • coalregionpride

    Good news for beautiful Frackville, Schuylkill county is a great place to live and work no doubt! it is paradise ! i think they should turn the Schuylkill mall into a retirement resort and nearby make mud run damn into at tourist type beach with cabanas. then have shuttles to downtown Shenandoah for shopping and centralia for sightseeing adventures. The place is just awesome, im proud to work and play in the northern skook!

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