Special Investigator Clears Lackawanna County Prison Warden

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SCRANTON -- A special investigator cannot find any evidence of wrongdoing by the warden of the Lackawanna County prison.

Warden Tim Betti is one of about 50 people named in a lawsuit alleging abuse and a cover-up by prison employees.

A separate investigation by the state attorney general's office is looking into allegations of sexual abuse against inmates in the prison.

Six corrections officers have been on paid leave since this summer.



    “Allegations” are sometimes true. Sometimes they become contagious too. Many seeking lawsuits, revenge or both. Those good boys and girls incarcerated aren’t there for being model, law abiding citizens. Most aren’t the most truthful either. With that said, those who have been truly abused, don’t deserve that either, and those responsible should be punished for their criminal behavior.

    • Jane doe

      He’s not a corrupt man. He is one of the most ethical men in the prison. He would never do such a thing and that’s why there was no proof. The allegations were based on dates he either wasn’t working for the prison or had nothing to do with grievances.

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