Former Riverside Football Player Collapses and Dies in North Carolina

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Family and friends are mourning the sudden loss of a teacher from North Carolina who has his roots in Lackawanna County.

Officials say James Pietrowski collapsed at school on Tuesday and died at the hospital.

Authorities haven't said what caused his death.

The 27-year-old taught math and science in Fayetteville for the last two years.

Pietrowski was a standout football player at Riverside High School in Taylor.


    • Shannon Cosminski

      I’m so sorry for you…it must be very unfulfilling going through life with an empty soul. I hope you find some happiness.

  • Shannon Cosminski

    Shame on you…keep your heartless comments to yourself. This was my nephew but even if it were a complete stranger, I would still have empathy for the family left behind. I highly doubt that the few seconds of air time had any negative effects on your life. Strive to be a better person, so that when the time comes for you to meet your maker, people will truly feel a great loss.

    • Trevor

      If you knew the amount of people upset over this, from friends, acquaintances, school faculty, you’d understand. I’m sure he made the news when he was playing football, but I’m sure you didn’t complain then…

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