Caught On Camera – Woman Steals Package from Porch

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WEST HAZLETON -- A thief in Luzerne County successfully stole a package from someone else's front porch and it was all caught on camera. But it seems the thief neglected to look at the sign posted next to the package.

Police in West Hazleton have a pretty clear picture of a woman stealing a package from the porch of a home.

While the thief was making a beeline for the package, she somehow didn't see two surveillance cameras on the porch. She also didn't see a sign just next to the package reading, "Smile, you're on camera."

While police don't know the woman's identity just yet, the surveillance video is clear and they are confident someone will recognize her.

"They stole two eBay items, a pack of vacuum bags that go inside a canister vacuum and they stole a nail letter that had 20 different types of hammering nails," said Bruce Schlauch.

The stolen package belonged to Bruce Schlauch of West Hazleton.

The stolen items weren't worth more than $40, but Schlauch is upset that the woman was so brazen to steal from his home.

"I mean, there is a sign. There are three different cameras sitting on the front porch. You think they would notice that stuff."

The sign saying, "Smile, you're on camera" was even posted just next to stolen the package.

The thief either missed it or ignored it and police now have a clear picture.

"We have gotten a few tips and we are going to follow up on them. When we find out who it is -- and it is not if, we are going to find out who it is -- we are going to arrest them," said West Hazleton Police Chief Brian Buglio.

If you know who the woman in the surveillance video is, you are asked to contact police in West Hazleton.

Authorities say if caught, she is looking at charges of theft and receiving stolen property.


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