Bradford County Man Fined Over $1,500 for Illegal Trade of Bald Eagle Skull

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Photo Credit: Mona Hess

Lancaster County — A Bradford County man will pay over $1,500 in fines and costs for illegally trading for a bald eagle skull at an Adamstown trade show in 2015, reports WPMT.

John E. Palfreyman, 63, was charged last year with trading a river otter skull for the eagle skull. However, Palfreyman didn’t know he was bartering with undercover federal agents at the Adamstown Rod & Gun Club on August 29, 2015.

Last year, Palfreyman was convicted in district court of summary counts of bartering game and violation of the federal migratory bird act. However, he appealed the conviction.

In court Monday, Palfreyman withdrew his appeal.

Palfreyman must pay a $1,519 fine and costs ordered at the district court hearing.


  • Common Sense

    Law Enforcement can LEGALLY lie, cheat, steal, use stolen property, trade in illegal products…….to trick and entrap this 63 old man…over a dead bird head, that THEY had, NOT him.

    • a la commode

      If this country is so poor as to not be able to police itself, where is the GOP getting the money for tax breaks?

  • Spidereye

    And they can’t drug test welfare recipients because that costs too much give me a break the system is broken our taxes are being wasted on rubbish!!!

  • give me a break

    Our law enforcement officials are definitely out of touch with reality. No other crimes to investigate? What will it be next week, the guy who traded an arrowhead for a fishing lure?

    • SoreTruthache

      More than likely Fish & Wildlife/DCNR/Game Commision charging him… that’s the kind of crimes they are meant to investigate. It may not be endangered now, but it still federally protected and any unauthorized activity with eagles is illegal.

      so… cash me outside howbow dah!

      • give me a break

        Well paying for these fruitless investigations and prosecutions would explain why our fishing and hunting licenses cost so much. The State collected $1500 in fines but the investigation and prosecution cost $10,000. That’s government numbers for you!

  • Finally

    Great, now that we finally have this taken care of we can move on to the less important stuff. Like the heroin epidemic.

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