Veteran’s American Flag Stolen

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PLAINS TOWNSHIP -- An Army veteran from Luzerne County who likes to say he bleeds, "red, white, and blue" is wondering how someone could rip out an American flag he displayed on his lawn.

A man who lives near Wilkes-Barre and served our country during the Kennedy administration was shocked Monday morning to find his American flag missing.

Gene Lazarus truly loves his country. He used to display his American flag on the side of his house but recently moved it over on his lawn where it could stand more prominently and people can see it when they drive by. When he did that, he never thought someone would steal it.

There's a lot of American pride on Kennedy Drive in Plains Township, near Wilkes-Barre. Just about every home there displays an American flag.

"It's not a piece of cloth. It's a piece of red, white, and blue bunting which represents freedom, freedom for the world, freedom for us," Lazarus said.

But this American veteran felt only helplessness Monday morning when he realized his flag and flag pole were no longer displayed on his lawn.

"And I looked, and I said, 'Wait a minute, something's wrong. Something's missing.'"

At first, Lazarus thought his flag blew away, but then he suspected it was stolen because his neighbors' flags are still there.

"And then I looked at the pipe. It was bent. The steel rod was bent and it kind of brought tears to my eyes."

He didn't tell police because he wants whoever took it to return it on their own.

"It sickens me to think someone would come along and steal that American flag. It really does," he said.

Fortunately, this American hero was not left to fight the flag thief by himself. His daughter posted about the missing flag on Facebook, and within a day, a company reached out offering to replace it for free. Gene is grateful, but he's still in disbelief, calling whoever stole from him a coward.

"I don't know what I could say to them. All I could say is, 'Why? Why did you have to desecrate my flag or anybody's flag?'"

Gene Lazarus also says if someone would have knocked on his door and asked him for money to buy them an American flag, he would gladly do so. He hopes whoever stole his flag returns it.


  • Conroy

    Oh no. The horror. How about doing a story about how Trump just censored the EPA from saying anything he does not approve first. 1984 is now a reality. Thanks trumpers.

    • Nope, no, and nonsense

      The Environmental Protection Agency runs the gamut on how to kill small business’ with regulations while systematically letting the same offences go with paltry fines for larger business’. Are you completely daft? Do you not get “For the People, By the People”? Do you not see the end game here in this dicey game of political Chess? It’s not even a week in for him to undo generations of failures. Why not charter a boat to stop illegal poaching to stop those cultures that like “Shark Fin Soup”? No, you systematically go after the culture with a conscience because that is where the money is at. Morals askewed? Check. Misinformation and lack of your own opinions or ideas? Mate?

      • Givemeabreak

        You speak of morals but you seem to value money more than America the beautiful. You are a severely misguided individual. You state that the EPA kills small businesses with regulation but you don’t have any real numbers or facts. You just have alternative facts. There is no right or wrong anymore just popular opinion. The OP read a book that eerily mirrors what is going on today in our country that was written in 1949. It is so similar to what is happening right now if you read it you probably wouldn’t sleep for a week. Orwell must of been related to Nostradomus and I wouldn’t be surprised if you were related to Putin. If you are just another misguided American who really is looking for some truth, read the book and then watch Animal Farm. The pigs are in charge right now.

  • Nope, no, and nonsense

    You know whoever took it probably just got back from a “peaceful protest” or a graffiti session somewhere. They’ll be slow enough to come back for the neighbors’ flags before they ever bring this one back. Thank you for your service sir. Much respect.

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