Slushy Mess in Montoursville

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MONTOURSVILLE --Jack Freezer spent the morning shoveling snow in front of his house in Montoursville, but Freezer wouldn't even call this snow.

"It's more like a sleet and freezing stuff," Freezer said.

"If it was lighter, it would be much better than if it was all wet and soggy like it is," Lee Pauling said.

Freezer's neighbor Lee Pauling took some breaks in between shoveling. The slush was heavy.

"Like I said, shovel for five, rest for ten. Sit in the car for a while and get warm," Pauling said.

The people who spoke with Newswatch 16 say although the snow wasn't as bad in Montoursville as what was forecasted, it's more annoying than anything.

"They called for one to three (inches). I don't think we got maybe one and a half, two," Freezer said.

Newswatch 16 also stopped by Elery Nau Hardware in Montoursville. Employees had all of the essentials set up for customers in the front of the store.

"A variety of snow shovels, everything from regular pushers to the small digouts and the snow brooms for your cars," Paul Early said.

Employee Paul Early says business was quiet but still steady.

"People are still coming in, they're buying a bag of salt here, we sold some snow shovels this morning," Early said.

According to WNEP's Chief Meteorologist Kurt Aaron, the Montoursville area got between one and a half to four inches of snow.

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