Watch: Man Runs into Road to Stop Rolling Car After Crash

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SCRANTON -- A mechanic from Scranton has been dubbed the "South Side Superhero."  He's not quite Clark Kent, but he stopped a moving car after seeing a crash outside his auto shop and it was all caught on camera.

A surveillance camera caught Jeff Labrosky's reaction to a crash outside his shop on Cedar Avenue.  He ran into the road to stop a moving vehicle.

The camera also caught the collision just before. A white SUV driven by a pregnant woman wouldn't stay in park, so Labrosky stepped in to keep a second crash from happening.

"As long as she's OK, that's the main thing. I guess I'm a hero. I don't feel like it, but I guess I am," Labrosky told Newswatch 16.

The owner of Labrosky Auto has been called a hero a lot over the past 24 hours, but if it were up to him, few people would know what he did Tuesday afternoon.

Labrosky's wife Lynn was inside the shop when the crash happened. She missed the whole ordeal.  She had no idea what her husband did out on the street until the police asked her to look at their surveillance video.

"What I saw was a hero running into traffic and stopping a vehicle. I couldn't even believe what I was watching on our surveillance," Lynn Labrosky said.

Like any proud wife, Lynn wanted to share what her husband did, so she sent the surveillance video to Newswatch 16. Since then, national media has called.

"Because then people know that there's still good people in the world that would put their own self aside to try to help somebody else," she said.

The Labroskys know heroes when they see them.  They needed one a few years ago.  The family lost their home in south Scranton to fire back in 2012.

Professional rescuers, Jeff said, are the real heroes.

"The people with the ambulance, the fire department, people at the hospital, more or less heroes than anybody because they are the ones helping her, you know?" he said.

So, call him an unwilling hero in the right place at the right time.

"He's our south side superhero!" Lynn added.

Scranton police are still investigating Tuesday's crash.


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