Man in Wyoming County Waiting to See if Home can be Saved After Crash

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TUNKHANNOCK TOWNSHIP -- Wednesday, a homeowner in Wyoming County should find out if his house will be torn down. A car smashed right into the living room of the home near Tunkhannock Monday morning. Now, the homeowner is trying to salvage what he can.

"We're just getting used to this whole new thing. In a way it's tough, but we're getting through it. A lot of people have it way worse. It's just stuff," David Rossi, the homeowner in Tunkhannock Township, said.

David Rossi returned to his home Tuesday morning for the first time since the car crashed right into his living room, just feet away from him. He says he'll be displaced for at least two or three months, so he spent the morning packing some things that mean a little more to him.

"Rummaging through things. I took a photo album with my daughter's pictures out to dry them off, they were covered in some motor oil," Rossi explained. "Looking for other personal items that are not replaceable to get them out of harm's way."

The woman driving the car lives in this neighborhood, just a few houses down from Rossi. After this incident, he says one of his biggest concerns is still his neighbor, and he'd like to go visit her in the hospital.

"I'd like to meet with the family of the lady and see how she's doing," Rossi said.

Tunkhannock Township Police say the woman was conscious but unresponsive at the scene. The woman's family members say she had a medical emergency just before crashing into the house on Chestnut Street.

"It just confirmed what I thought happened. I really did think when I saw her in the car that she had a stroke or something along those lines," Rossi said.

Neighbors and crews that responded say the scene was unlike anything they've ever seen before.

"I just thought it was really different, wild that that took place, but thank God no one was killed," said neighbor Leo Harvey.

"I've seen them up partially into the house, but never inside of the house like that. It was weird," said Myron LaBar. LaBar works at Mile Hill Collision Service in Tunkhannock and responded to the scene to remove the car from the home.

Rossi escaped the crash with just some scratches on his hand and his eye, but his house near Tunkhannock is a different story. Rossi believes it may have to be torn down. He is meeting with the insurance adjuster Wednesday to find out the future of his home. He lives with and cares for his brother. They are currently staying at a hotel in Tunkhannock, but will soon move to temporary housing.

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