Man Facing Institutional Sexual Assault Charges

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DICKSON CITY — A man is locked up in Lackawanna County facing institutional sexual assault and harassment charges.

Police say Tyler Williams, 19, of Covington Township told a resident at the Scranton Counseling Center’s Dickson City location to pull his pants down and then told another resident to touch his genitals.

The alleged incident happened Friday night.

The Scranton Counseling Center operates a facility for people with mental disabilities.

Williams is locked up in the Lackawanna County jail on $50,000 bail.


  • innocent

    Tyler would never do something like this. Yeah he likes to joke aeound but he would never gobto the extent of touching. This is just someone trying to ruin his life because their not happy with their own

  • John

    I cannot comprehend Tyler doing anything of the sort. Innocent until proven guilty…I just can’t fathom it.
    I trust the courts will find the truth…and I hope to God this is false…

  • Concerned CIT

    It’s innocent until proven guilty, I’ve known this boy for years , he would never I mean NEVER DO SOMETHING LIKE THIS.

      • Mommabear

        U all may be friends and family.
        But he openly admitted he did it.
        ” he stated he was only fooling around!! ”
        Well not funny fooling around with disabled people bet ya don’t think it was worth fooling around now and who fools around like that with disabled people??

  • Concerned Citizen

    I feel so bad for this young man and his family. Hopefully he can get his crap together and take care of his family like he should!

  • slappy

    Me and my buddies exhibit this kind of behavior with each other all the time. And we aren’t even mentally handicapped. Heck, our wives even laugh!

    • Concerned Citizen

      That’s you. This is a health care facility , where such behavior is not condoned. These are individuals who don’t know what they are doing.

  • ihateeffingidiots

    This story at first might seem unnecessary because you’re like ok, some mentally disabled guy in mentally disabled housing showed his weenie to another mentally disabled guy..UNTIL you realized the residence is down the street from you and your family. Which makes it VERY relevant.

    • ihateeffingidiots

      PA Smells like Poo Poo smell like Doo Doo
      How dumb are you? This is how dumb
      Too dumb to admit there are sick effs is EVERY state and ALL over the world..reading is fundamental you should try it sometimes.

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