Bus Tour to Save Obamacare Stops in Scranton

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SCRANTON -- A bus tour aimed at saving Obamacare made a stop in Scranton Tuesday morning.

The "Save My Care" bus parked outside the Four Points Sheraton Hotel on Meadow Avenue.

Advocates for the non-profit organization say repealing the Affordable Care Act would negatively affect 30 million Americans.

John Konopki, a local man who helps people get insurance under the Affordable Care Act, agrees.

"I just think that there should not be a repeal without a replacement plan because not only does it affect the Affordable Care Act in that way with the marketplace insurance, but it also affects expansion of Medicaid for states that have it, which Pennsylvania does, Medicare, CHIP, and different other programs that are offered," said John Konopki, The Advocacy Alliance.

The "Save My Care" bus will be on the road making stops across the U.S. for the next six weeks.


  • 570 sucks

    I wonder if this area is ranked so high in ‘unhappiness’ because of all the right wing nut jobs that complain about literally everything…

  • WarningFakeNews

    Trump’s now going after another liberal sacred cow, voter fraud. Strip out the voter fraud in this country and the democrats will never win nationally again. Ever.

    The press better order more ink, I imagine there will be screaming headlines against any serious look into it. The electronic press is going to need to order more pixels, pronto!

  • Unreal!!

    I have a friend that actually filed for bankruptcy due to this..she just couldn’t afford it. A healthy young girl who was forced to get something she actually didn’t need at the time. Now her record is shot and shes broke. Thanks Obama!!

  • Nope, no, and nonsense

    I don’t care how many times I see stories about this. I’m not changing my mind about this being one of the worst things to happen to America in my lifetime. Anybody ever notice that people that are conservative never go liberal but eventually some liberals DO wake up when confronted with overwhelming facts? The same “news” that said Trump wouldn’t win is bringing us these “facts”. Remember that, and think about why. Who’s paying for this bus?

    • Chuck

      Wrong……I know many people that changed over the years. Maybe you have a link to your alternative facts though. I’d be glad to see it.

    • WarningFakeNews

      Soros, probably. You might have to do a little detective work before you arrive there, but that’s probably who.

      If the left thinks that the best way to win is to push the thing Americans loath the most, more power to them.

  • Chuck

    What are they doing here. Didn’t these people hand the Presidency to Trump. Let them get what they asked for. Oh and this too.

    you and or …your elderly relatives will receive the following “benefits

    1. A 13.5% reduction in their SS monthly payment (See Pat Toomey)

    2. A $6000 voucher to purchase their own healthcare in place of Medicare (see Paul Ryan)

    3. The privitazation of SS AND rise in retirement age that isfor your benefit (See Toomey and Ryan)

    4. The repeal of the ACA will HARM many people including Republicans

    So you are in for a rude awakening…..

    • WarningFakeNews

      Toomey and Ryan distanced themselves from Trump.

      That’s a good thing for Trump supporters, but what the heck, if you think forcing people to keep Obamacare is a winning issue, go for it. The dems are toast.

      • Chuck

        I don’t care what they do with it. My point is you were hoodwinked. Trump is going to sign those things I mentioned. Distance themselves. They are peas in a pod. Keep telling yourself that. You can’t have portions of the ACA , Look on their websites. They have been itching to do these things for years. Most of the people and myself I know won’t be affected. However there are a bunch of voters that rely on SS and Medicare. Don’t blame me for pointing it out. Go and look that’s all I suggest. Sticking your heads in the sand isn’t going to stop it. Actually nothing will . Enjoy your next 4 years.

      • Nope, no, and nonsense

        Really? Social Security and Medicare are your arguments? They are both almost bled dry, and it would have taken one more Government Shut Down to be the final nail in the coffin, if that. Bernie supporters did not really ever get the memo that somebody is paying for something. If you don’t put something in, nothing comes out. Why do you think we had this stuffed down our throats without a choice. It wasn’t like the people doing it to us would have lightened their pockets to save your imaginary examples that you use as arguing points. I know people in those circumstances, and they’re more broke too. Back to the drawing board. Good luck in your next 4 years false narrative.

  • WarningFakeNews

    Sure, we need to keep the mandatory insurance that has premiums that are far beyond affordable, for the policies which have deductibles that could run almost as high as $20,000 a year for a family. What would we do without that?

    Health insurance is not health care.

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