Troopers: Children Left Outside in Bad Weather While Mother, Boyfriend Slept Inside

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ASHLAND -- A woman faces child endangerment charges after state police say her young children were left outside while she and her boyfriend were asleep inside the home.

Troopers said they were called to a home on Walnut Street in Ashland around 4 p.m. Monday because three children were left outside in inclement weather. When they went into the home, they found the children's mother and her boyfriend asleep.

According to state police, the mother, Carol Talanca, 35, of Ashland, and her boyfriend appeared to be under the influence of narcotics and didn't know what time or what day it was.

Newswatch 16 went to Talanca's home for comment Tuesday, but no one came to the door.

Talanca’s next-door neighbors did speak with Newswatch 16.

"I'm not surprised, but it sucks,” said Laurieann Lazarski, who helped the kids and invited them inside to get warm.

State police say it was sleeting and temperatures were freezing as Talanca's children 7-year old twins and a 10 year old tried to get into their home in Ashland after school.

"They were just banging on the window, they tried to open the window so I came outside with the phone, I asked them if they needed any help, at first the little girl was like 'No, we're good.' I said 'Do you need to call somebody?’” She said ‘Yeah, I need to try calling my mom.'” No answer. She called her mom like 14 times,” said neighbor Tom Lehman.

Neighbors say once state police took care of the children, they came to the back of the home and went inside where they found Talanca and her boyfriend asleep upstairs.

"Apparently the mom and the boyfriend were upstairs sleeping, yeah, she said she thought it was 5 in the morning or something,” said Lehman.

State police say Talanca and her boyfriend appeared to be under the influence of narcotics. Troopers say they didn't even know what day it was.

"I have a son myself and you should never neglect your kids, especially stuff like that and drugs? That's just horrible, come on, think of your kids first,” said Lehman.

State troopers say the girls were placed into the custody of Schuylkill County Children and Youth.

"As long as they're safe, you know, safe and taken care of, that's all that matters,” said Lazarski.

Police charged Talanca with reckless endangerment and child endangerment.



  • Dana Smith

    WOW , Amazing how important getting high is to these losers Some “boyfriend” A real mom wouldn’t bring that into her home . Don’t play up C&Y its not ever the right place for kids , usually worse than leaving them at home . They also put misinformation out so they can abduct kids ( State hires Boobs)

  • Lynn

    I hope this area wakes up and can do something for people with drug issues. I hope those kids can have a good life too. I don’t mind my tax dollars helping people.

  • Stopit

    Just great I go to work to pay for this I hope these children get put into a good home what a shame I guess Ill go to work now to pay for there rehab and food!!!

  • El Ma

    As I’ve typed, before: if I want to drive a car, I need to apply for and pass a test to obtain a license. If I want to open a day care center, I have to apply for a license and pass inspections. If I want to sell muffins from a food truck in downtown Williamsport, I have to pay for a permit, submit to inspections, and follow certain rules.

    Sadly, people have the “right” to reproduce, even when they aren’t mentally, emotionally, financially, or spiritually ready to raise a healthy and adjusted child to become a contributing member of society. And, this woman had three children who were less important than her addiction was. Shameful, outrageous, and tolerated by our current standards of society. Very sad……………..

    • El Ma

      To my own consternation, “The System” is so broken that these children will be fostered out for 3-6 months while the mother undergoes addiction rehab and parent classes paid by the State. Then, she’ll say the right words in Family Court, and the children will be returned to her. At that time, she’ll be able to collect public assistance, again, and opt to take up her addiction, again. Meanwhile, the foster “families” will also be paid by the State for room, board, transportation, day-care (if required), and the State will also pay for food allowances, medical, and dental needs.

      The current line of thinking across the country is that children “should remain within their own families.” And, since it’s not a social tragedy to become an unwed mother, there is a flood of children being brought into the world by ill-equipped teenagers and young adults who are going to be the ones who suffer, not the parents of these unfortunate – yes, unfortunate – precious souls.

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