Popular Gas Station near Williamsport to Reopen this Summer

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LOYALSOCK TOWNSHIP -- Almost every day, you can find Don Philips and a group of his friends sipping coffee inside A-1 Stop. It's a gas station and convenient store near Williamsport.

"We're the only ones that come here on a regular basis," said Phillips.

More customers may be at Philips' hang out spot soon. Sheetz, a busy gas station about five minutes down the road in Loyalsock Township, is a construction zone.

"I was shocked when I saw it closed because it's all torn down. There is nothing left of it," said Taylor Alexander.

"I know my sister-in-law is upset because she can't go there and get her daily cappuccino," said Willy Miller.

"I didn't know what was going on when I passed it at first, but then I read the sign," said Alexander.

The sign out on the fence says Sheetz will reopen on June 29. Construction workers hope to have it complete in time for the Fourth of July weekend.

"It's a complete ground zero restart,” said Loyalsock Township supervisor Marc Sortman.

Sortman tells Newswatch 16 the building that is about 20 years old was demolished to make room for a newer, more efficient building.

"The lighting will be diffused lighting rather than the bright lights of the old Sheetz. The big tall sign will be gone. It will be one of the shorter signs. The new store will also be selling beer,” said Sortman.

Sheetz has been under construction for about a week, but several gas stations in the area including A-1 Stop have already seen an increase in their gas sales.

"It's normally not super busy, but the other day I came in and it was like packed," said Mishia Spring.

"It's probably helping all the local businesses. There's the Sunoco over here and there's the gas station on Third Street," said Phillips.

The new Sheetz station will also include faster gas pumps and outdoor seating.


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