Icy Night in Honesdale

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HONESDALE -- Freezing rain and plummeting temperatures hit Honesdale on Monday, making the sidewalks slick and travel treacherous.

"I think that it's dangerous if you drive fast and just, you know, stay home, but you know, it's winter," said Suzannah Hadorn of Honesdale.

Some businesses in the area closed early giving workers and customers a chance to get home before things got worse. We found shoppers hustling home to safety.

"I wanted to hurry up and get my shopping done right after work, try to get home, back to the family as safe as possible," said Jesse Glosenger of Equinunk.

At Papa's Primo Pizza in Honesdale, dangerous weather means no deliveries.

"We just cancel deliveries. We do dine-in and pick-up and if it comes to really bad weather, we'll just close early," said Susan Sadak, Papa's Primo Pizza. "We just play it by ear and take what comes with the business."

Trucks were out treating roadways and salt was sprinkled on sidewalks.

Still, most people say icy conditions scare them, and everyone should be especially cautious.

"Everyone just needs to slow down, take their time and be safe," added Glosenger.