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Freezing Rain, Sleet Turns Roads in Freeland into Slushy Mess

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FREELAND -- In the higher elevation in Luzerne County, freezing rain and sleet fell on Monday, turning the streets into slushy, wet messes.

Plenty of PennDOT trucks were out and about in Freeland, but folks said they were still having a rough time getting around.

“The roads are pretty bad out there,” said Lynn Sjogren. “I know the trucks are out, but the roads are pretty bad out there and coming on the highway, even coming up the mountain, coming down from Drums, I was sliding.”

“I didn't expect it to be this bad when I came back outside, but when I came back out, it got worse,” said Marcus Gaymon. “The ice is real slippery. Anybody driving should be real careful. It's definitely dangerous out here, definitely.”

Of course with road conditions dicey, that meant good business for the workers at Sal Sorrento's Pizzeria. They say with the bad weather comes more calls for deliveries.

“It gets a little busier during the inclement weather because nobody wants to leave the houses or anything. Nobody wants to get into accidents or whatever. It's just safer. One person driving around rather than everybody,” said employee Ian Thomushumis.

The winter weather is also good business for plow truck driver John Pfeil from Steve’s Lawn Care who was clearing roads before the temperature dropped.

“I came from Drums and came up into Freeland here now. They're slushy and wet, slick in spots, a lot of water on them so they're not too bad yet,” said Pfeil.

Some people were calling this day a wash.

“I'm staying in the house. This is too much,” said Gaymon.

Others didn't seem to mind.

“Oh, it's great. I love the weather outside. It's wonderful. I'm a winter person,” said Joshua Butler.

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