Car Drives into Living Room of Home in Wyoming County

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UPDATE: The Rossi family currently has a Go Fund Me page to help with expenses, click here to help. 

TUNKHANNOCK TOWNSHIP -- A car crashed into a home in Wyoming County on Monday, ending up right in a man's living room, missing him by a couple feet.

The wreck near Tunkhannock left a lot of damage and a homeowner thanking God that he's OK.

Pictures sent to us show the car inside the home on Chestnut Street outside Tunkhannock around 10 a.m.

David Rossi's living room is now trashed after a car crashed right into it. Rossi was sitting right in that room when the car plowed in.

"I'm just very thankful, you know, that I was sitting a foot away from a car in my living room and I don't have a scratch on me. Thank God. God is good," Rossi said. "It literally moved my chair, that's how close it came to me. I woke up and there literally was a car in my living room."

Then came the challenge: trying to call for help.

"(I) couldn't get anywhere, there was glass all over the place," said Rossi. "I had no shoes on so I was thinking, 'I've got to get a phone.' I couldn't find my phone."

The phone was under the car. The driver was awake but unable to communicate.

"My first thought was for the lady in the car. I could see her from where I was in the living room and I was trying to yell to her, 'Are you OK? Are you OK?'"

The driver was taken to the hospital.

Rossi was stunned seeing the damage, realizing what could have happened, with a reminder on the wall how far that car actually went, how close it came.

"It came to a stop right there, you can see the gash in the wall and I don't have a scratch on me."

Police are still investigating what actually led up to that woman crashing into the house and whether it may have been some kind of medical condition that caused it.

The insurance company is helping Rossi and his brother stay elsewhere now that their home near Tunkhannock has so much damage.


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