Alleged Wrong-way Driver Admits Guilt

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SCRANTON -- The driver in a deadly wrong-way crash in Lackawanna County has pleaded guilty.

Prosecutors said Adam Kovaleski of Carbondale was going the wrong way on Interstate 81 in 2015 when he crashed into a car driven by Timothy Kunis of Milford. Kunis was killed in the crash.

Kovaleski pleaded guilty to DUI, homicide by vehicle while DUI, and driving the wrong way.

He will be sentenced later this year.

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  • ralph

    No one seams to know how these Wrong Way Drivers are suddenly MISSING SIGNS.
    Could it be ’cause now it’s sort-of legal to use marijuana ?
    Could the COMBINATION of grass/ alcohol cause these drivers to scr**w up??
    I’M NOT SAYING THEY DID just wondering why all of a sudden the accidents.

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