Tesla Owners on Hand for Supercharger Station Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony

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MOOSIC -- A new Tesla supercharger station for electric cars is officially up and running in Lackawanna County.

A group of Tesla owners gathered at the Shoppes at Montage in Moosic for a ribbon cutting ceremony Sunday afternoon.

The eight car charging stations are being dubbed "fuel pumps of the future."

The supercharger stations take about an hour to fully charge the car, and Tesla strategically places them near restaurants and shopping centers.

Car charging stations are not as easy to come by as traditional gas stations. The next closest Tesla supercharger station is at the Crossings Premium Outlets in Tannersville.


  • Snapper

    Great driving around with a ton of lead in your car that sounds safe also that movie something about Mary that’s gonna be a hell of a pit stop wow!

    • Darren Treat

      … What year do you live in? These cars don’t have lead batteries, they have Lithium-ion batteries that have full fire suppression systems. The car has the highest safety rating and lowest death rate of any car on the road. Period. That’s no fake fact, it’s a true fact. The floor battery system and the lack of a motor in front of you makes for a much larger crumple zone and safer car.

  • laugh

    Oh, look at the select few rich people in the area that can now get electricity on the go for their expensive electric cars. Yeah, that’s a big plus to the area. We don’t need jobs, we don’t need decent housing, we don’t need an area cleanup, nope, what we need in this area is a charging station for a $100k car — lol

    • American Economy

      ..The Tesla Model 3 costs $35,000 and ships late this year. It is an entirely AMERICAN car built in Fremont California. Every single part. Batteries, motor, frame, shell, interior. More than any ‘american’ car like the Mexican fords and canadian chevys. It charges through these for ~$10 and helps sell American cars here. So sell against it if you want but you are helping harm the US economy by creating doubt in American technology that will have to win as Oil will eventually get more expensive, regardless of climate change. America leads the world in Electric cars, support American companies!

    • Tigger

      I think you guys were getting Trolled just to see who would stand up with knowledge? Elon did a good job so far when a lot of people thought he would fail. Best thing about these cars is that they are built by a car guy that has the vision and looks for thrills. His story about wrecking his McLaren F1 was hillarious. Ironically, my guess is that this new administration is going to make his new solar projects possible faster and more reliable/affordable, even with the stance on climate change. Better grab some of those stocks and sit on them for a bit people.

  • William

    Are these stations not powered by coalfuel or landfill gas power plants? So carbon footprint is actually being increased is it not?

    • Scriptic

      Plebian’s won’t get what you are asking, but it is a good question. So far the lithium-ion batteries that they use have been worse for the environment when it comes to charging and recycling. Nothing is as green as it seems. Where is the power coming from kids? Half a story from La-la land again.

      • madodel

        Nothing you say is in any way based in reality. You are deliberately making things up. There is no exhaust from my Tesla, so no point pollution. And I charge my Tesla at home supplied by local sourced wind energy. Clean alternative energy is readily available to everyone now. There is no clean gasoline. And coal is less and less important in producing electricity, being replaced by natural gas, wind and solar. Certainly today they are better than what comes out of any gasoline car’s tail pipe and as time goes by EVs will be even cleaner. Lithium is recyclable. Electric Vehicles are the answer to decreasing carbon emissions and are superior in every way to any internal combustion engine. They require almost no service and will out last any gasoline engine cars.Oh and the fastest production vehicle in the world is the Tesla Model S.

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