Back Home After Women’s March on Washington, What’s Next?

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SCRANTON -- Women and men from our area are back home after participating in the Women's March on Washington on Saturday.

Now, some of them are reflecting on being part of possibly the biggest demonstration in this country's history.

President Donald Trump's first full day in office was overshadowed by roughly a half million people who marched through the nation's capital. For some marchers we spoke with, this was the first step toward making sure women's rights are respected.

Newswatch 16 sat down with Erin Boylan of Scranton who marched as a member of "Action Together Pennsylvania," a grassroots group trying to build community.

Boylan wanted to make sure her voice was heard in Washington, D.C.

"I am angry. I am scared for women's rights, for my healthcare, for a woman's right to choose, and I thought the best place to be was in our nation's capital," Boylan said.

About 20 students from Scranton High School returned on a bus Sunday as well. They went for President Trump's inauguration but couldn't miss the massive crowds marching that following day.

"We were in the museum and we came out and people were everywhere, like you could not even see the streets. It was crazy," said Cecilia Finnerty, Scranton High School senior.

Also marching in those streets was Chantal Rich of Scranton and her adopted daughter Beatrice. Beatrice wore butterfly wings that included names of people she marched for and drawings of her family and friends. Chantal wanted to show her daughter despite having many different backgrounds, people can come together.

"This is so great. Solidarity, women can do this. I think that feminist has become such a dirty word that it's kind of showing people maybe it is not a dirty word," Rich said.

As for Boylan, she believes there is strength in numbers, and she hopes this march and hundreds more like it around the world ensure these causes stay important in the Trump White House.

"Definitely a show of force. I think the only way, the only time we have seen change in this country is when people get angry," Boylan said.

The Women's March now wants people to stay politically active and to call their representatives and senators to hold them accountable for issues like healthcare and women's rights.


  • Robert

    Listen up men. I would encourage all women to join and march away. We’ll call it a national day of “Peace and quiet”.
    Can we get one organized in time for the super bowl?

    • JessicaInWilliamsport

      Actually, there’s a whole list of actions coming up…. including possibly another March as soon as April :-)

  • WTH

    “Chantal wanted to show her daughter despite having many different backgrounds, people can come together.”
    Come together for what exactly? To teach her to be a :nasty woman? a lesbian? a baby-killer? an atheist? When I marched 40 yrs ago it was to prove I had equal rights to choose my OWN future and I had just as much value as any man as is our GOD given right..not a feminists sanctioned right, not a man-made right…
    Equal opportunities. We have all those anything you don’t got? Is of your own volition. There are programs in place to help us..all your march proved is you’re a bunch of overstuffed delusional despicable brats who really don’t know what suffrage is OR suffering is!

  • WarningFakeNews

    Here’s a suggestion to WNEP, why not post Ashley Judd’s and Madonna’s speeches from that rally in their entirety? Let’s let their persuasive message shine on YOUR site, uncensored! You could broadcast a one minute segment in every newscast, too. If you REALLY BELIEVE in the cause you’re pushing, let’s see you do it with YOUR assets.

  • Tigger

    You girls might want to look up “Cultural Marxism” then realize that you are being led around like fools in the destruction of Western culture. You know? The most successful culture that you are a part of? Those that want America to fail are not only using you, they’re laughing at you.

  • Real Man

    What’s next Ladies ? Time to go home and get that laundry done ! Try keeping your yaps shut for a few days, and stop bitching from the moment you wake up. To quote Kinky Freedman “Get your biscuits the oven and your buns in the bed !! Enough of the Woman’s Lib BS !

  • djpekala

    With all due respect would the same group be marching if the equally flawed Clinton had won the election? Is this truly an expression of all that has gone wrong with this country under the leadership of the past administrations or is it an expression of anger and frustration because Clinton lost?

    What about the millions of women who voted for president Trump? Are their female club cards going to be revoked? Or what about the reports of pro life feminists denied access to some of the marches? Is the message here “be like us in all aspects or you are not welcome”?

    There are many people from all across the political spectrum who have lost faith with our government and I for one am willing to give president Trump a chance just as I gave the then freshman senator and community organizer, president Obama, a chance. I felt, along with many others, a major paradigm shift was needed and thus the selection was between maintaining status quo or taking a major chance on change.

    Peaceful protest is a hallmark of the American way so people are free to express as they wish. That is good. Time will tell if this choice for change will make a positive difference or not.

  • mr. cleaver

    Stay home ladies. Cook, clean, satisfy your man, pack his lunch box, clean his shoes, press his work clothes and raise your children with morals and help them with their nightly homework.

  • Joeboo

    My wife after working, raising a family is to tired to go marching in D.C.
    She wonders what’s up?
    Why are these individuals not home spending quality time with family.
    Protest on social media and save the gas and time and be productive wife’s
    Just a thought.

  • Mary K

    Please ladies just listen to Elizabeth Pocahontas she went to the inauguration to support the United States and our new President isn’t she your hero just stop already no one cares!!!

  • Lloyd Schmucatelli

    I’m gonna start my own movement! I’m gonna start my own protest in Washington DC it’s going to be for men. It’s going to be we want more sex! Are chant will be more sex, less talk, more sex, let’s talk! We’re going to make it trumps fault that we as men in America aren’t getting laid enough. You want to see a crowd! you’ll 50 million people there in a half an hour! I guarantee it.
    We’ll collect the 50 million Blueball March!

  • Nikki Stadnitski Martini

    All these women protest to keep other people out of their reproductive rights. We all need to stay out of paying for it as well. Hippocrates! No pun intended.

  • Lloyd Schmucatelli

    What exactly are they even protesting? I watched this election very closely and I didn’t hear one thing that made me worried that Trump was going to do something to take away the right to crochet or cook dinner or anything like that. So what is the big fuss is all about?

  • Silverfish Imperetrix

    Wait for orders from George Soros, Linda Sansour, and other dem/lefty/commie dregs, the useful idiots that they are.

  • hollymolley

    All fun and games, democratic Lame-Duck anarchists, have no idea what they are doing or why. No plan, no goal, just follow the lead lemming. Don’t forget to listen to your loud, foul mouthed leader. Using you and the issue to enrich himself. A total embarrassment to the Nation. What fools you are….

  • Make America Great NOW

    Do what all us people who didn’t go marching did: help our family and work to feed them! Donate time to charity soup kitchen! Do all we can do defeat Soros! Don’t kill babies because your too lazy to get the free pill! Accept the fact President Trump will look after you even though you voted for slavery along with Hillary and the rest of the democrats

  • Common Sense

    News Flash>>>>>Snowflakes take class trip to DC……saw nothing, did nothing, learned nothing….ALL received participation awards!!!!

    • Dan

      AGREED 100%. If she is such a super politician let her call the ATF and tell them she wants to destroy the white house. Just another Hollywood Flake who along with Michael Moore should Be brought down to the Blue Collar level. Or put in Prison.

  • WarningFakeNews

    Perhaps now it might be a good idea to begin looking for suitable employment. That would be a start.

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