Women’s March in Bloomsburg Displays Country’s Divide

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BLOOMSBURG -- The Women's March protest brought people out to downtown Bloomsburg Saturday afternoon where many pushed for gender equality and rights for women, even in the face of opposition.

Organizers of the women's rally in Bloomsburg said they didn't want to focus on Donald Trump or the election, but instead turn the page and start advocating for issues they care about.

While the event started off on a harmonious note, before too long you could see evidence of how divided the country is.

Dozens of demonstrators joined together in Bloomsburg, rallying in solidarity with the Women's March in Washington, D.C.

Discouraged by the election, this was a chance to voice views on issues including civil rights, healthcare, and abortion.

"I protested the Vietnam War. I worked for civil rights in the south, North Carolina. We just have to get together," said Manya Menapace of Franklin Township.

While this rally may be smaller than the one in Washington, the issues were the same and so was the headwear. April Line of Williamsport made pink pussycat caps just like the ones worn at marches across the country.

"It's a play on words, and it's feminine, and it's powerful," Line said.

But not everyone was feeling rosy.

"I voted for Donald J. Trump, the new president of the United States, get over it snowflake!"

David McElwee returned to Columbia County from the inauguration angry about the protests he saw there.

"I was driving by when I saw the protesters here not accepting the validation and just pulled out one of my Trump signs," he said.

Separated by a street and so much more, the demonstrators sent over an envoy but couldn't find much common ground. And so the rally continued.

While this crowd may be smaller than the one in D.C., demonstrators say they still feel strength in numbers.

Organizers say they hope participants in the rally will stay active in both local and national politics.


  • Buford T. Justice

    Ugh, all that estrogen, Indie Music, and talking about their feelings and their periods…combined with their stinky Birkenstocks on….gross. Stevie Wonder showed up and thought he was at a fish market. #nasty

  • Huck

    I say we kidnap some of them Injuns from there casinos, give them Boom Boom sticks and fire water, then set em loose meow. And if that dont werk, meow? Get some of them Arabs or Rutians to set up a car bissness like Murica meow. Sea how Mexico likes our cars them meow. I dont like it any more than you meow. But dats wutz they think of us meow. Holy rolly polly meow! Da der ders are gomma get a meow outta dis won. Meow. Please stop being wee todd did journalists…. meow

  • Nevie sinclair

    Say what you will about the Don of the Orange, but he got more fat chicks out walking in one day than Michelle did in eight years. This douche bag is saving lives at this point, and I don’t even like him. I’ll give his smarmy ass a chance

  • WarningFakeNews

    How many women showed up to protest compared to how many live in the greater Bloomsburg area? It might be “divided” but it’s not divided evenly in half, by any means, is it?

    • LLoyd Schmucatelli

      Well, if you really want to break it down and do a rough estimate here, we could probably safely say 0.001% of the population.

      Who votes? 1/3 of the population? Of that 1/3, 45% vote left, 45% vote right and 10% vote independent.

      OK fine, of the 1/3 that voted left, 1/4 could care less now that the election is over, 1/4 care a little, 1/4 care but won’t do anything about it, and 1/4 care enough to do something. Of that 1/4 of people taking action, 1/3 MIGHT make a Facebook post, 1/3 might drive by the protests and take a selfie and another 1/3 may stand out in the cold for an hour. The 0.001275% that is left are the people you hear about on the news

      There’s some cold hard “made up” facts like most other made up facts revolving around all this nonsense anyways, so take it as truth.

  • James

    On Friday President Trump called on us to “open your heart to patriotism”. Women still make just 78 cents for every dollar earned by men, 1 in 4 homeless women is homeless because of violence committed against her, and that despite the 1978 Pregnancy Discrimination Act women are still being fired in the workplace for wanting to have children. None of these issues were caused by President Trump. He will be the one in charge to help us fix them. Yesterday I stood with 50,000 patriots in Philadelphia trying to ensure that our daughters and fellow Americans are treated with the equality and respect they deserve.

    President Trump ran his campaign in a bold fashion with some controversy along the way. I think it is understandable how some people could be confused with where he wants to take the country. I would have loved to see him tweet a message yesterday that was something to the effect of “Happy to see patriots out there exercising their rights today! I promise I won’t let you down.” I think this is the type of action that could help bridge the divide. All these people want to know they are being heard and will be taken care of.

    President Trump’s message resonated with Americans who are disenfranchised and want solutions to their problems: People are not making enough money to live, kids are drowning in college debt being sold to them on false promises, healthcare costs too much money, and the government has been filled with ineffective politicians and corporate money for too long. Democrats and Republicans both had candidates that addressed these issues, but Democrats backed the wrong one. Although the country is divided I think we are all in pain and want solutions to the same difficult problems.

    Donald Trump IS our President. It is time for people to stop with with the Republican / Democrat bullshit. Our country faces serious issues that we need to work TOGETHER as Americans on. The media is trying to polarize us and drive us apart. I don’t give a flying duck who or what party brings about equality in America, gets ineffective politicians and corporate money out of politics, gets Americans affordable accessible healthcare, and provides Americans with the good paying jobs that we deserve. We the People need to tackle these issues together and not get separated in the process.

    • duh

      Give me one example where a woman gets paid less than a man doing the same job, with the same job description,working for the same company. The company I work for tells us that when we outsource or contract anything, we MUST use woman or minority owned businesses over male owned businesses with everything else being equal. Stop calling all the people that marched ‘patriots’. A true patriot signs up with our armed forces at puts their country and others before themselves. Where were all these marches and protests when Obama was in office? If all you say is true about all the injustices and inequalities against women exist, surely they existed throughout the Obama administration? You people are a laugh. You want everything for nothing.

      • James

        Sorry, it appears my comment is stuck in moderation because of the links.
        Stanley Martin Companies, LLC Will Pay $45,000 to Settle EEOC Sex Discrimination Suit – January 11, 2016
        SOCI Petroleum/Santmyer Oil Company, Inc. Sued For Sex-Based Pay Discrimination – October 6, 2015
        In fact, the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission issues a press release every time they file or settle a lawsuit for discrimination. Inequality is unfortunately alive and well.

        And you can bet your bottom that these injustices were existed while Obama was in office. That’s why every March 8th on International Women’s Day marches are held in countries all over the world to voice these concerns.

        We are all on the same team here. Americans come from all walks of life and there is always another side to the story. We are fighting for the same things. I do hope that Trump can unify the country so we can fix the serious issues we face. Especially one that you mentioned in your comment and President Trump highlighted in his 100 day contract: provide veterans with the ability to receive public VA treatment or attend the private doctor of their choice. Our veterans deserve the best care in the world.

      • duh

        So I looked up your Stanley Martin reference and sure enough – they were found by the EEOC to be not paying a woman as much as her male counterparts. Let me tell you how I see it. Chances are that this was a salaried management position – the EEOC web site certainly eludes to it. Most salaried management positions have pay scales commensurate with performance and time in position. Perhaps not in this case – but I’ve seen first hand women – and men of color – use their ‘minority’ status as a bargaining chip to leverage better pay and bonuses, even though it wasn’t merited. In the union world there are women, and minority men, that by all rights should be terminated because of their poor performance. Yet they are just handed off to another division of the company and shuffled around because nobody wants the trouble to terminate a minority. Straight white guy farts in the bathroom though – here’s your pink slip. You say we’re on the same side and fighting for the same thing, but I disagree. There will always be a greedy element that discriminates, and there will always be a lazy element that wants more for nothing – and so goes the battle. I’m tired of working and paying taxes for those that don’t. I’m tired of hearing about the poor down-trodden that turns around and pops more illegitimate children for more welfare. I’m tired of paying bills for things that others get for free. I’m tired of people being in this country illegally and committing crimes, only to be deported and come back and do it again. I’m tired of buying crap from China when I used to be able to buy quality products made in the USA. I’m tired of our men and women in blue being spit on and shot at because they wear a uniform and represent law and order. This country needs an enema, Trump hopefully is preparing the solution.

    • Stana

      And yet the president is the one who is spending time worrying about his inauguration and ranting on twitter. The media is being divisive by repeating his words and calling out his alternative facts bs.

  • In the kitchen:

    I like my sandwiches with turkey and cheese, lettuce, onion, and tomato. Little mayo. And some chips.

    • Bob

      YOU are right about that they didn’t get their way so all they will do is cry and also if they have March for their rights I guess Hussein didn’t do his job

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