Thousands Head from Pennsylvania to D.C. for Women’s March

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SCRANTON -- Thousands of people from Pennsylvania boarded buses and headed for the Women's March in Washington, D.C. early Saturday morning.

One of the departure locations was on Adams Avenue in downtown Scranton.

It was a coordinated effort by several different bus companies. Organizers say in all, more than 15,000 Pennsylvanians were expected to head to Washington.

The buses left downtown Scranton at 4 a.m. in order to get the marchers to Washington on time.

The protesters joined people from all over the U.S. in the nation's capital to let their voices be heard on issues including women's rights.

"I really felt like I needed to do something positive, to feel uplifted to be surrounded by like-minded individuals and kind of like a show of force," said Claudia Glennan of Berwick.

Newswatch 16 spoke with Glennan via Skype on her way back to Berwick on a bus. It was one of hundreds of buses from all over the country. People say they were surprised by the amount of people at the march in Washington.

"Just being around like-minded people, it was just a good place to be today," said Forrest Bennett.

Riding home after hours of protesting, they tell Newswatch 16 they feel energized by the women's march.

"I guess this is something to do to get back to work to keep people fired up to show them we are not going anywhere," Bennett added.

People at the march hope their voices, in such large numbers, are heard by President Donald Trump.

"Hoping that it shows all the people, all the US senators, congressmen, our new president that we might not have voted for him, might not agree with him, but we are still here and they have to represent us," said Bennett.

Protesters say the next step is to make sure people are registered and informed for upcoming elections.


  • Keystone Kops

    Yeah yeah, women are so treated poorly. Yet if I, a male, report that I was sexually assaulted and batterized to the police, I get laughed at and treated like a joke.

  • Good Grief

    I’m 35 years old and I have NEVER been told that I wasn’t able to do something or pursue something because I am a woman..WHAT exactly are they protesting?? Maybe these women are not trying hard enough, doing EVERYTHING they possibly can to get what they want for themselves.
    What exactly were they told they couldn’t do or pursue because they are a woman??

    • Robert

      Their just helping Mr. George Soros spend his money.
      Check out the NY times article binding many sponsors of these “Spontaneous” rallies to one organizer.
      Don’t expect this to be in the headlines. The reporter, Asra Q. Nomani is already taking heat.

  • Robert

    I believe Trump has managed to motivate more women to exercise in two days, than Michelle did in 8 years.
    Go Trump! Lets make America hot again!!

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