Red Cross Installs Smoke Alarms in Homes Following Deadly Fire

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EXETER -- People came together in an effort to make homes safer after a deadly fire in Luzerne County earlier this week.

A team of volunteers with the American Red Cross installed free smoke alarms at Birchwood Estates in Exeter.

The smoke alarms were donated by the Red Cross.

This comes after Donna Mishanski, 60,  was killed following a fire at her home in Birchwood Estates on Thursday.

"We respond to disasters all the time. What we're doing today is trying to prevent a disaster. Smoke alarms are so important. When fires happen, you have one minute to get out of your house. People don't realize it's not the fire that kills you, it's the smoke. Smoke alarms save lives. The American Red Cross has a national goal of reducing fire deaths by 25 percent over the next five years, and this is the way we plan on doing it, partnering with fire companies, installing smoke alarms, saving people's lives," said Bill Goldsworthy with the American Red Cross.

The Red Cross said volunteers installed 236 smoke alarms on Saturday.

The cause of that deadly fire is still under investigation.


  • Granny

    If renters are so cheap, or just dont care, that they can not buy a a smoke alarm for the safety of their family; what happens when the batteries in the alarm quit?

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