With New President, People Hope Jobs Come to Luzerne County

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HAZLETON -- On the campaign trail, one of Donald Trump's main promises was to bring jobs back to America. Now that he has been sworn in as president, folks in Luzerne county hope jobs do come to their area.

“I've been impressed by what he's been saying he may not be to do everything he promised but like I said if he can do three of the things he promised, he will be successful,” Bernie Barilla.

Christine Jensen works as an administrator for PA CareerLink. Luzerne County's unemployment rate for December was 5.6 percent.

With four to five recruitments sessions going on daily she says the jobs are there, people just have to apply.

“The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania publishes a high-priority occupation list and there's a lot of growth expanded in Luzerne County and the jobs vary wildly from engineers to career service representatives,” Christie Jensen of Pennsylvania CareerLink.

While there are currently thousands of jobs in Luzerne County, officials at CareerLink are hoping to more jobs.

“We get a lot of calls, usually I get a call a week or so whether it's from the company or the chamber of commerce,” said Jensen.

The people we talked to plan to keep their hopes up that the new president will eventually bring jobs here.

“If everyone works together and both parties and everybody becomes part of the solution, not the problem,” said Kelly Wood of Hazleton.

PA CareerLink encourages folks looking for employment in the keystone state can head to the state's employment page.


  • JD

    Even if President Trump creates millions of jobs, it will mean nothing…to PEOPLE WHO DON’T WANNA WORK! “The jobs are there, the people just have to apply.” Yeah, the low paying jobs suck, but ya gotta start somewhere. Want a better life? WORK for it! Nobody is going to sprinkle fairy dust and put you in a high paying job.

  • WatchingFromAfar

    You want a job!! Stop hoping and sitting around and get out and get an education! Fact is the job market has become specialized over the years and unless you have some type of educational skills you will be out-of-luck! Trump will do nothing for you, he sold you snake oil and you people bought it hook, line, and sinker! The only way the area will recover is if people gain the KSA’s needed to be employable in today’s evolving job market.


    I had a job with a workforce of 729 people at the beginning of 2010. As soon as the regulations started passing in the past administration? That was cut to less than 400. People that have worked production jobs will vouch here I’d imagine. When your numbers go from “pull 95%” to “pull 230%” just to stay employed? Your statements are moot. Loss of time for family life and reasonable contributions are overtaken by working overtime just to pay for your already acquired assets that you supposedly own…. but can be sold off if you don’t do what is told. Indentured slavery much? Who fights to be enslaved? Oh, that’s right. Liberals that want to seem “fancy” amongst their peers for a moment or two. Learn how to swim and survive before tossing out your take.

  • A Sucker Born Every Minute

    Yep…Savior Trump will give you a great job…maybe in a nice fun coal mine, sound like a dream come true…What a bunch of suckers in this area. If things go well, Trump will take all credit, if things go bad, Trump will blame everyone else. A career con man and you are all be taken for a ride…Its mindboggling how many people allowed themselves to be duped. P.T. Barnum was wrong, there’s a sucker born every 10 seconds…

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