Rally Protesting Presidential Inauguration in Stroudsburg

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STROUDSBURG -- "Our silence speaks volumes," the message given by people who showed up to a silent rally on Courthouse Square in Stroudsburg.

More than 100 people standing silent, holding Anti-Trump signs, protesting the Presidential Inauguration.

"Hatred and misogyny and bigotry has no part in our culture. Particularly coming from, I hate to have to say this now, our president," said Kitty Jones, Stroudsburg.

The silent rally was put on by a group of concerned Monroe County citizens.

"There is something to mourn here. Hate, violence, the kind of rhetoric that was spewed during the election and since that is now who we are," said Kate Bullard, Stroudsburg.

Protesters held signs in support of Planned Parenthood and The Affordable Health Care Act.

Organizations they feel are at risk with the new administration.

"I am afraid for people who by circumstances not under their control are poor, are born of the wrong sex, and that are not a part of the small domain that is part of Trump's world," said Harold Jacobs, Stroudsburg.

After the rally, many of the people who came out took a walk around Stroudsburg with their signs in hand. They say it's a way to show the community, they aren't going anywhere.

"We want to send a message to our elected officials that we are watching and they need to be holding the administration accountable," said Bullard.

Some people, like Lauren Jones-Rabbit, even brought their young children to experience the rally.

"It's the future, they are the future. They should know that this is what America is about. It's about being able to speak or not speak in the streets, at home and speak your truth," said Lauren Jones-Rabbit, New Jersey.


  • CeeMe

    Oh, such racism, misogyny, hatred and violence! Sounds more like liberals, not our country under Trump.
    Oh, and like it or not, he IS your President! Don’t freak, it’ll be OK, especially if dumb butts like yourselves stay out of politics and other things that require brains. And stop breeding, please.

  • Robert

    I’m free this weekend. I’d help any wishing to leave for Canada pack.
    Although, the vast majority of libs are probably ineligible to migrate there.
    Canada requires you to have a skill to get in, unless you know somebody that will sponsor you.
    Time to get a job!

  • #Bigly.com

    Go back to your parent’s house little libs. I just FARTED and it smells like your cause! Better luck in 16 years! Trump will win the next 8 years and his daughter will win the next 8 years after that. I’m so sorry for y’all!

      • A deplorable responds with:

        Exactly, that’s why the losers in the rain need to go home. The country isn’t just for them! They’ve had every little temper tantrum and whim catered to for the last 8 years. Enough is enough.

      • Givemeabreak

        Why should they go home? Do you have a problem with free speech. They have the constitutional right to protest peacefully. Are you the thought police?

      • Givemeabreak

        Wouldn’t it be great if we all thought alike? Maybe Trump can just get rid of these people. This way we don’t have to listen to opposing opinions anymore and we can just do what Trump dictates. That’s what you want? Right?

      • Where Eagles Dare

        I cannot like or dislike any of these comments, nor would I try to silence them just for the fact of proving how exposure to “course” and “discourse” is healthy for mortal beings. The WNEP “gods” will disagree I’d imagine. Let them. A bubble is only useful to the weakest of our species that will not survive.

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